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Books Authored
The following books were authored by Mike Prestwood.

*** Tech Books ***

Paradox 9 Power Programming: The Official Guide

ISBN: 0-07-211936-5
Mike Prestwood is particularly proud of this book because it was included in the Developer’s Edition of Paradox 9 — included in the software box! This book is endorsed by Corel and contains a forward by Dr. Michael C.J. Cowpland, CEO Corel Corporation. In addition to exploring ObjectPAL, this 700 page book covers such advanced topics as coding conventions, normalizing data, and the software development life cycle.

What Every Paradox 5 for Windows Programmer Should Know

ISBN: 0-672-30533-X
This 1,230 page new edition of Mike Prestwood’s first book was a complete rewrite of every chapter and included a lot of new information.


What Every Paradox 4.5 for Windows Programmer Should Know

ISBN: 0-672-30368-X
This 1,167 page book was Mike Prestwood’s first book and included hundreds of code examples and full applications on the included CD. Many programmers have complimented Mike for the chose of examples included in this book. Mike chose the examples based on questions directly asked him while working in Technical Support for Borland Software Corporation.

Author Contributions

Mike Prestwood contributed to the following books.

WordPerfect Office 2000 for Linux

ISBN: 0-07-212238-2
Mike Prestwood contributed four chapters to this book and although his contribution was 15% of the book, he did not receive author credit. Mike is briefly acknowledged in the Acknowledgements on page XXI as writing “most” of the Paradox material (he actually wrote all of the Paradox material). This type of misleading “credit” is too prolific in the publishing industry.

Paradox for Windows Developer’s Guide

ISBN: 0-672-30496-1
Mike Prestwood contributed Chapter 9, “Using Crosstabs and Graphs”, “Appendix C: Prestwood Coding Convention”, and numerous code examples included on the CD.
 This book covers building and supporting Paradox applications, customizing object behavior with ObjectPAL scripts. This edition contains new chapters on database design concepts and networking, and new appendices on data recovery and Prestwood Coding Convention.


The Prestwood Standards — Used at my company Prestwood IT!

By Mike Prestwood. Standards help ensure a successful end product. Our standards include a documented software development process (the recipe for building software), sample software architectures, and a coding convention (which guides us on the details of using specific software).

Prestwood Software Development Process (PSDP)

Prestwood Software Development Process (PSDP) is a proven process that features scalability and flexibility geared toward managing the development of software systems, applications, components, web sites, and web applications. PSDP is an iteration-centric full life-cycle software development process. Iteration, as defined in PSDP, is a deployed version of the software to the end users. A project usually contains one iteration of the software and that version is usually numbered 1.0, 1.1, 2.0a, etc. Although PSDP is iteration-centric, it does offer mechanisms for enterprise modeling, multiple iterations, and the maintenance that occurs between iterations.

Prestwood Solutions Architecture™ (PSA)

PSA documents common architectures including single user, multi-user, client server, n-tier, web sites, web applications, and replication. This valuable standard not only ensures that we have a viable application architecture waiting and ready for you, but it also helps us choose the correct architect for your application.

Prestwood Coding Convention™ (PCC)

We use PCC to guide us on the best ways to use certain technologies like programming languages and development environments. Prestwood Coding Convention has been published in four books.

*** Drum Books ***

Sight Reading Complete
for Drummers by Mike Prestwood

Explore rhythm, notation, technique, and musicianship! These three books cover it all! Use this thorough and balanced exploration to fine tune your timing and sight reading abilities. The practical approach used is aimed at both beginners and advanced players.

  • 3 Books (book 1=61 pages, book 2=53 pages, book 3=61 pages)

  • More Info Buy Now!

*** Under Development ***

Under development: I use the following method books with my private lessons. They are all pretty much complete but in rough draft format. I plan to finalize them and release them within the next few years.

Encyclopedia of Musical Drumset Beats

Suitable for:  Beginner,  Intermediate,  Advanced

Book 1 of 3: Common Time Rock
Book 2 of 3: Common Time Shuffles, Jazz, Other
Book 3 of 3: Odd Time Beats

!!! Book 1 Free Preview !!!

Lessons 1 through 8.

A Rock Drumset Primer

Suitable for:  Beginner,  Intermediate,  Advanced

A Jazz Drumset Primer

Suitable for:  Beginner,  Intermediate,  Advanced

Musical Drumset Fills

Focus on types of fills with an improvisational goal.

Suitable for:  Beginner,  Intermediate,  Advanced

Musical Double Bass

Progressive applied double bass grooves.

Suitable for:  Beginner,  Intermediate,  Advanced

Limb Control for the Drummer

2, 3, and 4 limb coordination exercises

Suitable for:  Beginner,  Intermediate,  Advanced

Rudimental Speed Exercises

Suitable for:  Beginner,  Intermediate,  Advanced

A Musician’s Guide to Tempo, Meter, and Tuples

Suitable for:  Beginner,  Intermediate,  Advanced, Non-Drummers

*** Family History Books ***

2017 Family History Series

Each book contained all the info I had as of 2017 and each includes many pictures I restored.

If anyone wants one let me know. They are $35 each book ($175 for all 5) which includes shipping (basically what I paid to create them). Contact me if you want one.

Five books in this series…

Vol. 1: Prestwood-Flint

The book is 245 pages.

Vol. 2: Lupton-Cook/Clark

The book is 285 pages.

Vol. 3: Lowe-Wright

The book is 200 pages.

Vol. 4: Unsicker-Suchert

The book is 196 pages.

Vol. 5: Homann-Rudisill

The book is 185 pages.

*** History Books ***

Roger Williams Book

…in progress…goal is to finish after my TST series.

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