Mike Prestwood is the owner and sole contributor of Play-drums.com.

“A lifetime of practice material.”

Material by Mike Prestwood.

Mike is the webmaster for this web site and contributes all of the material. He has been teaching drums since 1985 and he specializes in rock and jazz drum set playing, marching snare, and orchestral snare.

About play-drums.com: Features free online drum content such as lessons, demos, exercises, and ensembles. The focus is on non-pitched percussion with areas that cover drum set, rudiments, stick tricks, marching snare, and orchestral snare. The free online lessons feature a rich use of text, notation, printable pages, audio, and videos.

About “A lifetime of practice material.” The website slogan is the goal of play-drums.com. Since 1984 I have been developing a set of teaching material and techniques I wish to document in my books for use for myself and my students — and hopefully sell a few too.

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Eh…not really. Just dabble. I’m very good at drum ensembles and writing solos, but most advanced drummers can do that. As for music, I dabble.

Boleroest Snare Solo by Mike Prestwood. Performed by Fabrizio Bartolini.

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