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Primary Goal

The primary goal of this website is to increase the amount of useful information in the world. If you see anything untruthful, contact us.


Our secondary goals include…

Roger Williams Legacy

Another goal of this website is to document the legacy of Roger Williams. This includes documenting people and events that influenced him, his life’s work, the influence of his work on the world with a focus on the American Founding Fathers, and applying the same concepts he applied to today’s politics.  

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Roger Williams Biography and Dedication to the Freedom of Conscience

My 10th great grandpa! There are plenty of articles and books on Roger Williams’ accomplishments. In this article I went back and researched the earliest historical documents available including the writings of Roger Williams.

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Continue Roger Williams’ Work

One of the goals of this website it to continue the work of Roger Williams. What do I mean by that? Roger Williams helped humanity leap forward in our quest for truth and knowledge. He succeeded at seeing past partisan politics, and traditional values by using the truth hammers: science, law, journalism.

American Politics

The American Tradition of Separation of Church and State

Under the American Constitution, America must keep church separate from government. The greatness of America was not government for religion, but government free from religion so that everyone can practice whatever beliefs they wish.

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Truth Hammers

Science, journalism, and law are quests to define reality–they are truth hammers. They represent the best estimate of truth based on current evidence. Roger Williams used the truth hammers to plant the seeds of our modern society. He was born about 1602 and was keenly aware of the life’s work of Francis Bacon (1561-1626) who developed the scientific method. Roger Williams trained in the law profession prior to switching to theology so he had a unique look at the world. During his lifetime he published some of the most important books and writings of his time. One such book, “The Bloudy Tennant of Persecution” lead humanity into the future of our modern multi-cultural multi-religious pluralistic society. He planted the seeds that took nearly 400 years to grow into the society we have today. 


The Three Truth Hammers: Science, Journalism, and Law

Science, journalism, and law are quests to define reality, truth hammers. They represent the best estimate of truth based on current evidence.

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