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Multiracial attractive young ladies fighting for women rights

Roe v Wade is a Rights Issue

Roe v Wade is a rights issue, not a religious issue.
It’s about the right of an individual woman to make her own decisions versus a government making them for her.

Black Text on Gray Background

Timeline: Journalism

This timeline represents some of the known, or at least accepted, events in journalism including language, writing, and printing. It’s purpose is to bring some …

Download or read PDF The Bloody Tenant of Persecution by Roger Williams

Download or read The Bloody Tenant of Persecution by Roger Williams, Published 1644 Click to Download or read online… THE BLOUDY TENENT of PERSECUTION for …

red and white UNKs restaurant

Trump Killed 58,947 Trump Voters in September 2021

The title of this post is outrageous. It is the type of hyperbolic title used by the far right and others trying to stoke fear …

Man with a flu feeling so bad

United States Yearly Flu Death Rate

How many people die in the United States each year from the flu? There is much confusion about the answer primarily because of unethical and …

silhouette photo of group people standing on grass

Timeline: Human Evolution and Notable Events

This timeline represents my understanding of our origins. It’s purpose is to bring some sense of perspective to the very long and complicated history of …

Which way to go road sign

Should you engage Trump supporters?

Should you engage Trumpsters? Yes and no. The short answer is no because they are brainwashed. The longer answer is yes, but only on basic facts. Until someone acknowledges a common set of facts, there is nothing to discuss.

Essential Facts of Presidential Pardons

Article 2 gives the President the authority to pardon people for specific federal crimes they have committed, but the power is not absolute as so many say.

Attention coronavirus COVID 19

Coronavirus Covid-19 Notes

My primary concern with Covid-19 is that I’m the caregiver for my wife Lisa. She is definitely in the at-risk category so I just want …

Republicans that Oppose Trump

Is the opposition to Trump a Democratic Party or DNC conspiracy? No. If you believe Democrats are too biased, then listen to these Republicans. I …

10th Amendment: Big Government is Bad Myth

Big government is bad is a bad myth because it is a logical fallacy, specifically a red herring logical fallacy–a distraction. This distraction distracts from …

vaccination to a child

The Anti-Vaxxer Movement and the Scientific Method

About 10% of Americans believe vaccines cause autism. That’s about 33 million Americans. In a country where we believe so many easily proven wrong conspiracies …

Trump, #UkraineGate Essential Timeline

Essential timeline of Trump extorting Ukraine’s president–a direct violation of Federal laws and the Constitution.

Constitution and Gavel

Jonathan Turley’s Congressional Testimony in favor of Trump

I’m watching the impeachment hearings. I’m keeping an open mind especially when listening to Turley, the Republican’s witness. I found Turley overly partisan and weirdly …

Cross Processed Image of the White House

My two questions for the Democratic presidential candidates

I want to ask every presidential candidate the following, “Unlike Trump, will you promise to honor the separation of powers and agree to not interfere …

Updated: Trump Disrespects Military

Republicans are silent as Trump disrespects the military over and over. Partisans on the right unjustly criticized Obama saying he disrespected the military. They unfairly influenced right-leaning independent voters into thinking Obama was bad and Trump is good for the military. Trump’s words and actions disrespecting the military are much worse than anything Obama did.

Nonpartisan: What do the Federalist papers say about impeachment?

Nonpartisan: Are you curious about what the Federalist Papers say about impeachment? This article gives you a quick review of our constitution and impeachment, then dives into the Federalist Papers and SCOTUS rulings.

Read PDF: Roger Stone Indictment, Plus Highlights!

Roger Stone is guilty, and the long-anticipated link between Donald Trump and WikiLeaks is now a matter of court record. It’s official, the President of the United States is implicated in a conspiracy with Russia to throw an American Presidential election. 

Timeline: Trump Crimes and Bad Acts

This timeline highlights Trump and Republican bad acts and crimes, related agencies, and some press reports. It includes potential bad acts of conspiracy against America, election interference, obstruction, and other crimes such as Federal Election laws that included either Russia, and/or the Trump team.

Court Room

Does Trump have a right to face the whistleblower?

Does Trump have a right to face the whistleblower? Short answer: no. Trump and Republicans are conflating reporting a crime with a witness, and conflating …

Business woman has crossed fingers behind her back

Republican Trick: Slow-Leak Conspiracy Formula

To prosecute, a prosecutor tries to prove means, motive, intent as well as the elements of the crime itself. Not all crimes are prosecuted. Republicans know this and one of their tricks is to use it to their advantage.

UPDATE: National Debt — Who is responsible?

Update: Analysis of Yearly Deficits section added. National Debt is how much we owe for all the spending we’ve done over the years–our checking account …

Is Trump Popular in America and Around the World?

As of November 2019, the voters that put Trump into office is down to about 8% of all Americans. The 8% represents the percent of all Americans that are likely Republican voters that still have confidence in Trump. Trump’s support worldwide is only about 27%. Obama, by contrast, had 72% confidence worldwide in 2016.

Why was Trump Booed at the World Series?

Nov 2 Update: Worldwide stats and comparisons to Obama, Bush, and Clinton added. What is the truth as to why Trump was booed at the …

Why Trump is Ranked Worst President by Historians

Historians and political scientists are already ranking Trump as the worst president. Learn why! As of September 2019, a typical ranking has Obama moving up to 8th best! Bush Jr moved up to 30th worst from 33rd. Clinton slipped a bit down to 14th place. Nixon is at 33rd worst, and Trump is currently ranked worst and sinking deeper into infamy.

Trump Betrays the Kurds, 8th time for America!

Do the Turks say Kurds are terrorists? Yes, the Turks always say the Kurds are terrorists. And, yes, they do kill each other. The basic …

Two Ukraine Spies Arrested After Lunching with Rudy Giuliani

More Trump campaign collusion with foreign countries. JUST YESTERDAY, Rudy Giuliani had lunch with 2 Ukrainian spies: Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman. And, it’s likely the FBI was listening to their lunch. After their lunch, both of the Ukrainians were arrested and charged with conspiracy against the United States. Specifically, an election conspiracy/collusion, the same exact charge Trump is currently an unindicted co-conspirator with Cohen who is doing time right now for the crime.

Handcuffed soldier in military army clothes

Does Trump Act Like a Dictator?

First, let me state upfront that Trump is not a dictator and it’s very unlikely anyone could become a dictator in America. With that said, …

Clean homeless on the bench

Trump is Trolling Liberals…again!

On Wednesday, September 11, 2019, on the 911 anniversary, Trump is trolling for another distraction. This time he is trying to blame liberals for the homeless problem in California. As humans, we all welcome help with the homeless problem all over the country but I think Trump is disingenuous. He is more concerned with hate, dividing people, and ruining America.

#SharpieGate Timeline

On Wed, Sep 4, 2019, Trump used an altered graphic behind the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office. Not healthy. Democracy needs leaders with healthy minds, who tell the truth and abide by our laws. SharpieGate TrumpGibberish TrumpCrimeFamily

Read Text of 1643 Patent for Providence Plantations

Roger Williams created the first democracy in America in 1643. The first TRUE democracy in ColonialAmerica. From the Patent for Providence Plantations charter: “…full Power and Authority to rule themselves…by such a Form of Civil Government, as by voluntary consent of all, or the greater Part of them…” Liberty, RogerWilliamsProvidence

Constitution, Gavel and handcuffs

Timeline of Liberty Documents

Historical timeline of liberty documents.

Read Text of the Magna Carta

The Magna Carta is important because it has become a seminal legal document and many considered it to be the beginning of democracy. The Magna Carta …

The Magna Carta Influence on America

Trump’s legal team is arguing in the state of New York that the President cannot be “investigated”, nor “prosecuted”. They are claiming he is above the law. Not true, that was settled 800 years ago in 1215 with the Magna Carta and upheld ever since including in 1974 with United States v. Nixon.

USA flag background.

Socialism is NOT Communism

It is disingenuous to conflate the discussion of how much of a safety net America should have, which is a form of socialism, with communism, …

Vintage pirate compass on ancient map

Parable of the Ship by Roger Williams, 1655

Roger Williams’ 1655 Parable of the Ship is used as an illustration of separation of church and state, liberty, and the common good. To set …

Financial Advisory, Corporate Tax Planning or Optimization

Why do Democrats oppose Trump’s Tariffs?

Tariffs are taxes. Like all taxes, we should debate them when proposed and prior to implementation. For each tariff proposed, look for a good argument and counter-argument. Step away from partisan politics and weigh the validity and value of the arguments.

Group of students protest lying down on the staircase

Is Antifa a Terrorist Group?

Peaceful protesting is part of the soul of America. Supporting peaceful protests in support of Democracy has long been the policy of the United States.
FACT, ZERO PEOPLE have died at the hands of Antifa (an anti-hate, anti-racism, anti-fascism protest group).

The First Religions of Colonial America

Are you curious about what religions were around in Colonial America? The focus of this article is on the more common religions represented in the …

The Trump Administration is Deporting Non-White Legal Residents

Jimmy Aldaoud arrived legally in the U.S. when he was a year old. At 41, he was deported to Iraq –– a country he had …

Chained up handgun

Idea: Comprehensive Gun Control

For those that say we cannot do anything about gun violence, here is a list of items we can implement. This represents some of the …

Original Memes

Original you can share! To Share: Click image. Click share icon.

United States constitution and gun rights

IDEA: National Gun Licensing Program

One of the ideas floating about is a National Gun Licensing Program. And, I think it’s worth discussing. After all, we made flying safe, we …

Young sad boy at school

Trump Racism in America

Don Trump, Jr. deleted his racist tweet fixing a mistake which s is part of being human. However, if Trump supporters are tired of being called racists, then just stop being racist! This isn’t hard.

Trump and the Iran Deal, The Truth

I understand Trump supporters like that America via Trump unilaterally pulled out of the Iran deal. Perhaps you can share why you like that beyond …

March 27, 2019 Mueller Letter to Barr

In testimony to Congress on 5/1/2019, Barr testified to Congress. Lawyers and law-n-order folk all over the country are very upset today. Here are my …

HRC Basket of Deplorables, A good example of what’s wrong with politics today.

The HRC Basket of Deplorables issue is a good example of what’s wrong with the Republican Echo Chamber, and that echo chamber is making its …

Understanding Both Sides of the 2nd Amendment Debate

Understand both sides of the second amendment debate plus whether something is or is not in the Constitution, as well as states rights.

Did Trump keep his campaign promises?

Trump says he kept all his campaign promises, but he also tells about 4,000 public lies per year. So, what’s reality? I’ve been trying to name ONE campaign promise Trump has actually kept, and I can’t find one! Seriously!

The American Tradition of Separation of Church and State

Under the American Constitution, America must keep church separate from government. The greatness of America was not government for religion, but government free from religion so that everyone can practice whatever beliefs they wish.

Paul Manafort Crime Timeline

Paul Manafort crimes and bad acts timeline. Convicted felon Manafort was Trump’s campaign manager during the most crucial 5 months of his campaign.

Understanding Colonial America Dates, Holidays, and Calendar

Before 1752 the first day of the year was 25 March. So, days of the year that fell from Jan 1 – Mar 24 were notated using the previous year, or double dating.

Roger Williams Through the Eyes of Governor John Winthrop, Pt. 3

John Winthrop Journal 1644-1649; Analysis of Roger Williams Part 1: 1630-Jan 1636 — with quotes and clips from journal published in 1790. Part 2: 1636-1644 …

Roger Williams Through the Eyes of Governor John Winthrop, Pt. 2

John Winthrop Journal 1636-1644; Analysis of Roger Williams Part 1: 1630-Jan 1636 — with quotes and clips from journal published in 1790. Part 2: 1636-1644 …

Roger Williams Through the Eyes of Governor John Winthrop, Pt. 1

John Winthrop Journal 1630-Jan 1636; Analysis of Roger Williams Part 1: 1630-Jan 1636 — with quotes and clips from journal published in 1790. Part 2: …

AOC’s Green New Deal, You either get it, or you don’t.

AOC is a freshman congresswomen. Nancy Pelosi rejected her Green New Deal resolution. Why are Republicans focusing on it? Hate?

Read Text of The 1663 Royal Charter of Rhode Island

This is not an analysis of the Royal Charter as it applies to previous or later charters, or the U.S. Constitution. The goal of this article is to allow and help the reader read the original 1663 Royal Charter in its intended original words. Your only help is paragraph marks to help finish ideas, bold text to skip over extra words, and added headings to orient the mind.

Spin, Falsehoods, and Lies

First, spelling… lying liars who lie Do not confuse with “lier” which is someone who rests or reclines. Spin, Falsehoods, and Lies There is a …

Was Roger Williams a Separatist?

Question: Was Roger Williams a separatist? Answer: Yes. The short answer is yes if your definition is the 17th century separatist movement which wanted to …

Roger Williams Timeline

Roger Williams (1602-1683) timeline from birth to death including relevant historical events.

Read PDF: New England’s Memorial by Nathaniel Morton, published 1669.

Read, Search, Print, or Download PDF:   — Relevant Book Notes (Personal family history research by Mike Prestwood.) Some Based on William Bradford’s Manuscripts From …

Roger Williams Gallery

Gallery These are some of the interesting images I’ve run into or created while researching Roger Williams.

California: Illegal Immigrants Did Not Vote in the 2018 Election

Illegal immigrants did not vote in California in the 2018 election. Yes, they can get a driver’s license to drive legally and to keep CA roads safe, but they cannot vote. The DMV does not auto-register undocumented residents. To get on voter registration rolls, you have to have a valid ID and social security card. To get a social security card you have to have a U.S. Birth Certificate, or U.S. Passport. Your vote is not counted if you are not on the voter registration rolls even if you vote provisionally.

California, A Great Place to Live!

California is a popular target for Republicans. Why? Because California is a good example of successful governing by Democrats. Very successful. Yes, it’s a bit …

What’s Really Going Wrong with Immigration and Trump’s Wall?

The issues at the core of immigration, the caravan scare, and Trump’s wall are not that complicated. You may disagree with one solution or another, but it’s clear that Democrats and Republicans can solve this problem quickly and easily once the political will is there.

Trump Does Not Know Brett McGurk

Today Trump said he does not know who Brett McGurk is, and he seams very proud of that. Think about that. Trump says he has …

Trump Chaos!

Jaw Dropping Week! 20 Things in 10 Days of Chaos!!

OPED: The week before Christmas 2018 was perhaps the worst week for the Trump Administration to that point. A terrible week, but just another week in Trump …

Read PDF: James Mattis Resignation Letter

Read, Search, Print, or Download PDF… [3d-flip-book mode=”thumbnail-lightbox” urlparam=”fb3d-page” id=”5014″ title=”false” template=”black-book-view” lightbox=”dark”] Memo Notes… Defense Secretary James Mattis resigned Thursday, a day after President …

Voter Fraud, Voter Suppression, and Voter Rolls

Voter fraud does not exist in large numbers, never sways elections, and barely exists. Voter suppression does exist. Republicans rely heavily on voter suppression to actually sway elections. Why? I think because they know they are wrong on the issues. If they don’t lie and cheat, they lose every time.

Lisa’s Diagnosis

Lisa has Hereditary Diffuse Leukoencephalopathy with Spheroids (HDLS). In 2013, Lisa ran her 10th and last marathon, the Napa marathon. She ran the first half with her dad who, at 80 years old, had to drop out from a foot injury. In 2014 she had balance issues and stiffness in her wrists (likely unrelated carpel tunnel syndrome). In 2015, she had to stop running. In 2016, her conditioned continued to decline slowly. In 2017, Lisa was struggling to walk on her own, and it was difficult to understand her. In 2018, Lisa can no longer walk on her own, and talking is very difficult.

Aphasia Types

Aphasia is a communication disorder that affects a person’s ability to process and/or use language. It is a neurological condition caused by damage to the portions …

Michael Cohen, Trump’s “Fixer”

There’s a big difference between Michael Cohen and John Dean. John Dean was an otherwise decent man and good lawyer. Meaning, although John Dean went …

Timeline: Mueller Discovery

Timeline of events related to the Mueller investigation including anything related to discovery including statements made by people on Trump’s side, and not. This timeline focuses on the Trump-Russia Election conspiracy, impeachable acts unrelated to the Trump-Russia conspiracy.

What You Need to Know about the Trump-Russia Conspiracy Characters

[Editor’s note: This is an updating post. Published Jul 10, 2018. Last updated Dec 12, 2018.] A few notable Trump-Russia Election Conspiracy Characters. You are only …

Butina to Cooperate; Handler Torshin Retires

[Updated Dec 11, 2018] Russian Agent of influence Maria Butina plead guilty Dec 12, 2018 to espionage tomorrow, and will fully cooperate! Maria Butina’s GRU …

Trump, Smocking Gun Tweet, Clever!

Today, Trump tweeted another brainwashing meme for hosts on the right to echo. After watching Fox & Friends, he tweeted based off of what he …

Trump is Individual 1 (Read PDFs)

December 7, 2018 was a pretty big day in the Mueller investigation. Manafort sentencing memo. Manafort had a cooperating agreement with Mueller, lied to prosecutors, …

Family-Connection: 77 Years Since Pearl Harbor

It’s been 77 years since the Arizona was sank at Pearl Harbor. My wife Lisa’s mom Dorothy was only 3 years old. Lisa’s grandado Alfred’s family …

The Republican Argument Against Mueller Investigation, & A Reply

I find it helpful to reiterate what I hear Republicans saying so that I understand better what they are saying, understand both sides of an …

The Republican Argument Against Global Warming & A Reply

Here is a common interpretation of the Republicans position on climate change as of December 2018. The REPUBLICAN ARGUMENT AGAINST GLOBAL WARMING First off, I’m …

Enforce vs. In Force, but not Inforce

My memory aid: “At times the police have to gather in force to enforce the laws.” Or simply, “You gather in force to enforce.” “Inforce” …

Fundraiser for Lisa Jane

My wife is Lisa Jane Unsicker. Lisa Jane’s sister Amy Unsicker created a fundraiser for Amy’s birthday for the United Leukodystrophy Foundation. Amy politely just put …

California, 5th Largest Economy

Democrats Better on Economy than Republicans!  In 2018, CA is the 5th largest economy in the world! Up from 10th when a Republican Schwarzenegger ran the …

Immigration, Credible Fear Test, and Trump’s Failure

Let’s take a close look at the Credible Fear Test issue within the immigration Issue… When someone presents themselves at the border, either legally at …

Trump and Saudi Arabia Connections

THE SWAMP IS THICK UNDER TRUMP Trump, Soft on Saudi Arabia Trump’s ties to Saudi Arabia run deeper than he says. Trump’s love for Saudi …

National Popular Vote Interstate Compact

Was Donald Trump right when in 2012 he tweeted: “The electoral college is a disaster for a democracy.” –Donald Trump, 6 Nov 2012 Here is …

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