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"33 PHILOSOPHERS: Touchstones Toward Truth" by Mike Prestwood. Dive into the enduring wisdom of history's great minds. From ancient teachings to modern insights, this book invites you to stand on the shoulders of giants. Harness the accumulated knowledge of the ages to discern the true nature of reality and appreciate life's impermanence. Why start from scratch when you can learn from humanity's most profound thinkers? Embrace, evolve, and build upon the best ideas of the past.
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Feedback Wanted

First, thank you for taking the time to read and/or listen. The purpose of this preview is start the process of spreading the word about the book, and to gather feedback.

Types of Feedback Needed

  • Overall general feedback, positive and negative
  • Chapter specific feedback. If you enjoy or dislike a chapter, tell me. If you can sumarize why, let me know that too.
  • Specific paragraphs. If a paragraph needs work, let me know.
  • Offensive material. I want to soften all offensive writing. Some of these topics are sensitive and sometimes my viewpoint comes across too strong.

33 Philosophers: Touchstones Toward Truth

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Here some of the comments so far:

5/25/2023: This is great. I would like to use the first part about the 3 different intellects to preface the school year with my advisees and ethics class. The part about sports will definitely be useful in engaging their interest as a handful of my students are pro athletes! Maybe this is in the previous part of the book, but maybe give some background on who Al Farabi was at the very beginning? For my assignment, I copied and pasted a little paragraph about him from Wikipedia and put it in there. Also, it would be interesting to mention he was a music theorist and mention that when you write about the teaching of drumming.
I also like how you very occasionally reference your personal life, giving it a bit of a memoir feeling. because when you read it, it sounds academic (which is a good thing) but then when it mentions ¨my wife Lisa¨ it´s like, oh yeah this is a real person! it makes it more personable.

The bridging to modern science part can definitely be used in my psychology class too. I mainly talk about neuroscience and biopsychology because it is what I am most into.
For now I have posted the article in my Google Classrooms and students can do something with it for extra credit. Maybe a couple of them will.

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