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In 1644, Williams published The Bloudy Tenent of Persecution which is considered his most famous work. It is a fierce attack on religious and political intolerance in both Old England and New. He advocated for free thought and belief because he believed it was the only means to true faith and religion. His ideas raised questions and challenges but his ideas endured over time.
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Download or read PDF The Bloody Tenant of Persecution by Roger Williams

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Read Text of 1643 Patent for Providence Plantations

Pembroke College
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Researching the Birth and Death of Roger Williams

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Katherine Williams Bio (1598-1634); Sister of Roger Williams of Providence

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The First Religions of Colonial America

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The American Tradition of Separation of Church and State

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Understanding Colonial America Dates, Holidays, and Calendar

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Roger Williams Biography and Dedication to the Freedom of Conscience

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Roger Williams on Conflict and Debate

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Read Text of The 1663 Royal Charter of Rhode Island

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Was Roger Williams a Separatist?

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Research: Our Family Connection to Roger Williams

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Read PDF Book: Ancestors of Adelbert P. Thayer, Florine Thayer McCray

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