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Bad Act: Trump Fires AG Jeff Sessions;  Matt Whitaker named Acting AG

On Nov 8, Trump fires AG Jeff Sessions–Matt Whitaker named Acting AG. Likely Unconstitutional (see Article II, Senate Advice and Consent). POSSIBLE CRIME: Obstruction of Justice. It’s clear he was put there to obstruct the Mueller investigation. Trump fires AG Jeff Sessions, and names  Matt Whitaker Acting AG. Whitaker is unqualified, a public critic of the Mueller investigation, and was never approved by the Senate — most believe this is unconstitutional.

Verified: The two acts are verified. The fact that Whitaker is completely unqualified is verified. The idea that Trump did this to effect the Mueller investigation is clear. The only thing in dispute is if this is a big enough crime to prosecute or add to the many charges that will likely be in the charges of impeachment.

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