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Crime: Trump Asks China to Interfere in our Election (Federal Campaign Laws)

Trump literally called on China to investigate one of his political opponents, Joe Biden. Right on TV. In the open. Again. This act broke less laws than the Ukraine blackmail phone call, but is still illegal.

Crime=Federal campaign laws. It is illegal to “solicit, accept, or receive a contribution or donation” from a foreign national. Trump himself released a transcript that indicates he likely broke this law. This law defines a “contribution or donation” as “money” or another “thing of value”. The opposition research on Biden is a “thing of value.”

Trump supporters need to decide if they believe their own eyes, or that what Trump did is not a crime. Common sense says he knows he has already admitted his guilt is trying to normalize breaking the Constitution.

Once again, the same day, the Federal Election Commission points out that this is illegal.

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