Why was Trump Booed at the World Series?

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Nov 2 Update: Worldwide stats and comparisons to Obama, Bush, and Clinton added.

What is the truth as to why Trump was booed at the World Series?

I think I know why Trump was booed at the World Series and why it was a shock to Trump and Trump supporters. Perhaps it’s intuitive, but here’s the math.
There are 329 million people in America. 138 million voted in 2016.
As of October 1, 2019, only 26% now identify as Republican. The Republican party is shrinking rapidly under Trump and is currently at about 36 million Americans.
Within those self-identified Republicans, Trump’s support has gone from 90% to 82% to 74% today.
Note: The polls are slowly trending down for Trump. Very slowly. The new ABC-WAPO poll might be an outlier, but there is a trend worth watching.
That means there are roughly 27 million Americans still supporting Trump which is only about 8% of Americans. They are a vocal group, but very small.
The Shrinking Republican Party and shrinking Trump supporters within it explain why Trump was booed at the World Series, and why many chanted “Lock him up,” perhaps sarcastically or ironically.

Trump’s Worldwide Support “Confidence”

The world population is about 7.6 billion people. The American Trump supporters represent .0035% of the world population. Of course, Trump does have some support around the world. According to PEW research, as of Oct 2018 Trump has only about 27% support around the world which represents about 2 billion people.

Trump “Worldwide Confidence” versus Obama, Bush, and Clinton

In June 2016, Obama was at about 72% worldwide according to PEW Research. The world population in 2016 was about 7.4 billion so his 72% approval rating represents about 5.3 billion humans compared to Trump’s 2 billion.
In 2008, Bush was at about 44% worldwide according to a similar PEW Research poll. The world population in 2008 was about 6.7 billion so his 44% approval rating represents about 2.9 billion humans compared to Trump’s 2 billion and Obama’s 5.3 billion.
In 2000, Clinton was at about 61% worldwide. The world population in 2000 was about 6.1 billion so his 61% approval rating represents about 3.7 billion humans compared to Bush, Jr.’s 2.9 billion humans, Trump’s 2 billion, and Obama’s 5.3 billion.

Presidential Worldwide Confidence Table

Last 4 presidents and year they left except for Trump which is based on November 2019.

President Year % of Confidence
Clinton 2000 61%
Bush Jr. 2008 44%
Obama 2016 72%
Trump 2019 27%


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