Does Trump Act Like a Dictator?

First, let me state upfront that Trump is not a dictator and it’s very unlikely anyone could become a dictator in America. With that said, here’s a list of dictator-like behavior from Trump. Behavior unacceptable by any leader at any level of government in any country.

  1. Narcissist that likes to see their name and face on buildings.
  2. Appoint family members to positions of power.
  3. Hold rallies when you are not running, and they are scary.
  4. Talk about jailing the press.
  5. Talk about jailing your opponents.
  6. You want to hold military parades.
  7. Muse openly about being president for life.
  8. You use your office for personal gain.
  9. You love other dictators.
  10. You lie so freely to your supporters, they don’t know what the truth is and don’t care.
  11. You destroy truth and reality itself. Remember “Truth isn’t truth”, “alternative facts”, and “there’s no proof of anything?” As well as, “What you are seeing and hearing isn’t happening.”
  12. You destroy the people that report truth. The press is the enemy of the people.
  13. State TV (Fox News), a propaganda channel, and where the reporters openly endorse the leader.
  14. You have people oversee the elections they are running in (Scott and Kemp).
  15. A lack of transparency.
  16. Independent thinkers are gotten rid of.
  17. You install a personal protector to the Supreme Court.
  18. You install a personal protector as AG.


The following are additions I’ve noticed.

  1. Trump calls elections corrupt if his candidate loses a close election. He even calls for new elections when his people lose in a close race.
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