By Natural Philosopher Mike Prestwood


New looks at philosophy by Mike Prestwood.

Explore reality avoiding the irrational and unknowable.

Philosophy Articles and FAQs !

By Mike Prestwood
New looks at philosophy with a science first lens.

To truly form your own worldview, you must view reality from all three viewpoints: true believers, empiricists, and true skeptics.

By Mike Prestwood
TST Philosophy
Epicurean Stoicism with a curiosity for non-religious secular Buddhism.

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My mantra:

“Enjoy the journey, with truth and honor, causing no harm.”

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How to act.
Ethics & Morals

An exploration of individual morality within group ethics.

The “good intent-good results” battle intertwining personal morality, social harmony, and proper conduct.

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Unveil the Layers of awareness.
Philosophy of Mind
Understanding the Mind: A Journey into the Unknowable.

The mind is consciousness, and a specific usable definition for it is simply the experiencing of reality, and it is limited, or surfaced through, the cognitive ability of things.

Anticipation. Angst.
Chronoception: Remember the past, live in the now, anticipate the future.

As you move forward, let the timeless tenets of Holistic Eudaimonia guide you. Be mindful of the Butterfly Effect, as the power of your actions is infinite. Your acts, both good and bad, will ripple, one cause-and-effect at a time, into the vastness of eternity.

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