By Natural Philosopher Mike Prestwood

Critical Thinking

Don't just believe, think critically.

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Material-Spiritual Framework

Critical Thinking Articles and FAQs !

By Mike Prestwood
Critical Thinking
How to think straight in a chaotic world.

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Critical thinking is the philosophy of how to think. It is, hands down, the most important field in both philosophy and life. One of the few things you actually have control over in life is the process of allowing information into your mind. Whether you realize it or not, you already have a process in place. You routinely accept some things as true and reject others. The lens of critical thinking allows you to view evidence with clarity, question assumptions with authority, and ultimately shape your own robust, insightful, and wise worldview.

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By Mike Prestwood
Critical Thinking Framework Overview
Overview and misc. material.

The philosophy of how to think is about the process of letting new information into your mind, and is one of the few things you actually have control over. 

TST Framework Overview

It all starts with the TST Framework Overview.

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Overview Articles

Self Examination = Clear Thinking
Five Thought Tools
Gather, frame, and communicate accurate information.
OVM * Idea of Ideas * Reasoning * Social Constructs * Idea Evaluation
About Science * Law * Journalism
Three Truth Hammers
How to use societal good authorities to save time and energy.

While not perfect, they are exceptionally helpful when used well.

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Exploring Empirical Belief
Philosophy of Science
Uncovering how we shape our understanding of the world.

In the evolution of the scientific method, Thales was scientific, Aristotle added intense observation, and Alhazen added rigor to the observations and experiments. Later, specific tools like deduction, induction, and falsifiability crafted the modern scientific method.

Note: Visit the Science topic to explore scientific results and their philosophical implications. 

How to act in a group.
Philosophy of Law
Law * Government * Politics * Roles

In philosophy, justice delves into personal morality, group ethics, and social order. The scales of justice, symbolizing the age-old dance between personal morality, group ethics, and equity, ensuring that everyone gets their due.

Collective Dialogue
Philosophy of Journalism
Journalism, the third truth hammer to living a modern enlightened life.

Through science, humanity uncovers the natural world. The law establishes rules and enforces fairness using things like criminal and civil trials, arbitration, and mediation. Journalism, the Fourth Estate, informs the public through reporting, journalism, and opinion articles.

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