By Natural Philosopher Mike Prestwood

Is Occam’s Razor always right?

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Is Occam’s Razor always right?

No, it’s a guiding tool in the idea evaluation category; it’s not in the logic realm. It’s like a trusty pocket knife rather than a magical sword. Occam’s Razor says: 

“Simpler theories are (all things being equal) generally better than complex ones.”

It is a heuristic, a mental shortcut, a handy tool in our mental toolkit. But here’s the fun twist: life, especially when delving into the complexities of science, psychology, or even your last relationship drama, isn’t always simple. Occam’s Razor is like a flashlight guiding us through the darkness of our ignorance, but sometimes, what lies in the dark is a bit more complex than a shadow. In essence, Occam’s Razor isn’t always right, but it’s a good bet until the odds turn against simplicity. And when they do, it’s not the tool that’s flawed but our application of it. I even used it to help forge my The Consciousness Evolution Timeline.

Occam’s Razor is a type of Idea Evaluation. Idea Evaluation is one of the Five Thought Tools of the TST Framework. To learn more, take the 5-minute deep dive: “Occam’s Razor: Simplifying Complexity.”

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