By Natural Philosopher Mike Prestwood


Science explained well.

Observe * Understand * Control

Science Articles and FAQs !

A Clear Lens on Reality
Science Stuff
Science results that help orient us philosophically.

New looks at scientific results with a focus on the philosophical. To understand reality beyond the empirical, you must first understand what we see.  At the core of what we see is the cosmos guided by forces controlling particles evolving into life. 

Note: To explore the process of science, visit Philosophy of Science tab under Truth Hammers in our Critical Thinking topic. 

Our origin story.
Cosmology & Physics
Space, the final frontier…physics too.

The universe is a self-reconfiguring machine, with nothing being created from the void nor destroyed to nothing. At the core of reality are four forces guiding 17+ particles. We see these particles combine into atoms and molecules. Those molecules bundle into materials, and those materials evolve into life.

How you evolved and will evolve.
The Evolution of Species
From space dust to sapiens and beyond.

After millennia, we finally have a solid origin story for our species, grounded not in myth but in the compelling evidence of science. This story accurately describes our emergence. The tide is turning. More and more people are embracing the scientific story. Soon, nearly everyone will transition from myth-based primitive stories to the scientific story based on robust empirical observations and our rational ideas about them. Embrace the truth of this shared history and explore how it can enlighten your path forward.

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