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Why FREE? “This is my way of promoting my books. While I hope you choose to buy my books, I also get great satisfaction when people choose to read my articles here on this website and I especially like it when they take the time to post comments and ask questions. As part of this effort, I also share my 1-Minute Hot Topic FAQs on Facebook and I also enjoy engaging with people there. Please notice there are no third-party ads on this website and I intend to keep it that way.” –Mike

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Home of natural philosopher Mike Prestwood.

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Slogans Explained...

Touchstones for the rational: Science, Philosophy, and History

Why touchstones for the “rational?”

To be honest, that is intended to be provacative. While the Idea of Ideas does provide a framework for determining what’s empirically true, rationally true, and irrational, the seeking of truth is a process. While all are welcome here, the intolerant and the trolls will be purged. While it’s important to listen to all arguments, including the invalid ones, disingenuous arguments are considered abusive. While this is a safe place to discuss the irrational, abuse will not be tolerated. 

Seeking truth by exploring reality using truth hammers.

What are “Truth Hammers?”

Truth hammers are the top of the TST Framework, which is just another critical thinking framework, a tool to try to think clearly. The Truth Hammers are the processes of science, journalism, and law. They are quests to define reality–they are truth hammers that chip away at the illusory nature of reality. They represent the best estimate of truth based on current evidence. 

What do you mean by “seeking truth?”

The seeking of truth is a primary part of my mantra, just after enjoy the journey. Like epicureans, I believe it is important to enjoy life, embrace the good, and tolerate the bad.

In my book, “30 Philosophers: A New Look at Timeless Ideas,” after a 550 page journey through the evolution of human ideas, I conclude with the following:

It’s time to end our journey. This book was a wild ride through humanity, spotlighting fourscore of touchstone ideas. A worthy “similar” book to my original intent a quarter century ago. There are many paths one can take through the minds of our great thinkers; I hope you enjoyed the path I chose. Let me conclude with the original ending for my book on existence.

Life is a journey full of mystery and wonder, unfolding in a vast universe. No matter what happens to your energy in the end, I hope you realize how special you are. The essence of you, the sentient you, gets to ride this roller coaster. Your existence is a breathtaking enigma, among the 400,000 stars of the Milky Way, on a tiny blue planet, you—self-aware and alive—have the rare privilege of experiencing this cosmic dance. Revel in it.

As you move forward, let the timeless tenets of Holistic Eudaimonia guide you. Be mindful of the Butterfly Effect, as the power of your actions is infinite. Your acts, no matter how small, both good and bad, will ripple, one cause-and-effect at a time, into the vastness of eternity—a tribute to your life’s journey. That is your true and only legacy. Choose to live a life that sends virtuous ripples into an unseen tomorrow, you will never witness. Navigate the marvels and mysteries of existence with kindness and integrity, be authentic, and may you always:

“Enjoy the journey, with truth and honor, causing no harm.”

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