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Critical Thinking: Did Einstein’s driver really give one of his early talks?

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Did Einstein and his driver switch?

No, sorry, I really wish I could say it’s true, but it’s just not, and it’s very easy to disprove. Let’s use it here to demonstrate the “historical” category of ideas in my Idea of Ideas. But first, let’s tell the cute story that I think originated around 2004.

Early in Einstein’s career, before he became an identifiable icon, he delivered numerous lectures. He would remark to his driver about their repetitive nature. The driver, having heard it many times, jokingly suggested he could give the lecture. An amused Einstein decided to take him up on it. Einstein sat in the front row, just in case, and for one lecture, they switched. The lecture went off without a hitch until a complex question was posed. The driver, maintaining his composure, responded by saying that the answer was so simple even his driver could explain it. Einstein then got up and answered the question.

I love that story. It demonstrates both Einstein’s humility and the idea that complex concepts can be presented simply and effectively. However, it’s pure fiction.

When it comes to truth, historical stories are an interesting type of idea. Historical stories are true only with supporting evidence — usually eye witnesses and a sound rational basis. They rely on verified sources. In this case, no one is confirming it. Neither Einstein, his driver, nor anyone in the audience has ever been cited as telling this story. In fact, there are no third-party confirmations; none of their friends or family members have mentioned being told this story. I wish it were true, and I hope someday a letter from Einstein, the driver, or anyone in the audience confirms it. For now, it’s fiction.

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