Is Terrance Howard correct when he says zero does not exist?

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TIFF 2010: Terrence Howard” by Peter Morawski is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Terrance Howard has claimed that zero does not exist and has proposed alternative mathematical theories through what he calls “Terryology.”

Is he right?
No. While famous for his roles in “Hustle & Flow” and “Crash,” he is wrong about this. His misguided attack on basic math claims that zero represents nothingness, which does not exist in reality, so zero cannot be a part of math. 

Terryology relies on his fame and errors in critical thinking to confuse people. Zero is an abstract concept representing a very real situation—the absence of something. If someone has a bowl and you take that bowl from them, they have 0 bowls. Instead of accepting this straightforward representation, Terry wants to redefine ownership and existence.

For a deeper exploration of this topic and a comprehensive critique of Howard’s theories, take the new 7-minute deep dive: Terrence Howard: Debunking Terryology.

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