Timeline Stories

Hooded computer hacker stealing information with laptop
2. Crimes
Crime: Trump Intimidates U.S. Ambassador (Witness Tampering)
2. Crimes
Crime=Perjury: Trump Lies about speaking to Stone about Wikileaks.
Confidential information and privacy
.Trump1. Bad Acts
CRIME: President Trump Ignoring Whistleblower Protections
.Trump1. Bad Acts
Attempted Crime: Corruption, Emoluments Clause of the Constitution
2. Crimes3. Impeachable Acts
Crime: Trump Illegally Transfers Money from the Military for his Wall
.Trump2. Crimes
Crime: Trump Asks China to Interfere in our Election (Federal Campaign Laws)
.Trump1. Bad Acts
Bad Act: Trump Tells Russia 2016 Election Interference OK!
4. Discovery
Ukraine Reveals Payments to Manafort
Lviv Opera House at night, Ukraine
2. Crimes
Trump Blackmails Ukraine President
Plastic Yellow Whistle
2. CrimesTimeline Stories
Trump Breaking or Bending the Whistle Blower Law
2. Crimes
Trump Alters Official Graphic, Crime=U.S. Code title 18 § 2074
Financial success and green business
2. Crimes
Trump Manipulates Market, Crime=Securities Exchange Act of 1934
.Roger Williams1. R.W. Events
Patent for Providence Plantations, Roger Williams
Liberty Charters
The First Great Charter of King Henry III
One dollar coin.
2. Crimes3. Impeachable Acts
Trump tells Pence to Stay at his Hotel, Crime=Constitution, Article II, Section 1, Clause 7
Liberty Charters
Magna Carta
Hands on the Money
2. CrimesManafort
Trump Commits Felony Bank Fraud
.Trump2. Crimes
Trump Pays Off Election Bribe IN OFFICE!
2. Historical Events
Gunpowder Treason Plot
Rod Rosenstein Discusses 25th Amendment and Wearing a Wire on Trump
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