Michael Cohen

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Michael Cohen was Trump’s longtime personal lawyer and fixer. Both Trump and Cohen referred to him as Trump’s fixer. Starting in Sep 2018, Cohen started cooperating with Mueller, and partially cooperating only with SDNY. For his crimes Cohen was sentenced to 3 years in prison, and either $50k or $1 million fine — both figures were reported. Cohen was convicted on 9 federal crimes including 2 with Trump. And, Trump directed the 2 crimes he is named in. The president is an unindicted co-conspirator. Crimes included tax evasion, false statements to congress,  etc. Think about that! The president’s personal lawyer is going to prison for 3 years for doing work for Trump!

Open Questions:

  1. Will Cohen fully cooperate with SDNY and admit additional crimes? We already know there are additional crimes.
  2. Do any of those additional crimes involve Trump? After all, Cohen was Trump’s “fixer” for more than a decade, and Trump and Cohen referred to him as his “fixer”.
  3. Cohen fully cooperated with Mueller, what did he tell Mueller?
  4. Did Cohen travel to Germany, then Russia for Trump as the Steele dossier says?


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