Jonathan Turley’s Congressional Testimony in favor of Trump

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I’m watching the impeachment hearings. I’m keeping an open mind especially when listening to Turley, the Republican’s witness.
I found Turley overly partisan and weirdly unprepared. Especially for a law professor. He said he personally disagreed with the other experts and didn’t see a felony. Fair enough. He also argued that he personally feels it is going too fast and too narrow. Fair enough.
What is he really saying? He argued for his personal desires for amendments to the Constitution. Specifically, he wants to add the following requirements to the impeachment clause:
  • Impeachment must require an underlying felony crime.
  • Impeachment must proceed slowly at all times.
  • Impeachment must include the judicial branch of government and wait for all relevant court decisions.
All three of these new amendments would fundamentally change Article 1, section 2:
Article 1, Section 2: “The House of Representatives shall…have the sole Power of Impeachment.”
All three of those wishlist constitutional items have nothing to do with impeaching Trump.
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