Butina to Cooperate; Handler Torshin Retires

[Updated Dec 11, 2018]

Russian Agent of influence Maria Butina plead guilty Dec 12, 2018 to espionage tomorrow, and will fully cooperate!

Maria Butina’s GRU (KGB) handler is Alex Torshin. On election night, when Trump won the election, Butina emailed Torshin, “I am ready for further instructions.”


On THURSDAY Dec 6, 2018, Butina cut a plea deal with Mueller. The next day FRIDAY her handler Torshin suddenly retires from the Russian Bank, and has not been seen for a few days so far. Anyone know what happens to a Russian handler when their spy flips?

Alex Torshin

Alex Torshin is a prominent member of Putin’s political party. A Russian banker close to the NRA. Maria Butina’s handler. Torshin resigned from the Russian Bank one day after Maria Butina reached a plea deal with Mueller. During the 2016 campaign, Donald Trump, Jr. met with Alex Torshin. Mueller has wiretaps of Torshin sent by Spanish authorities. We do not yet know what was on those wire taps.

Maria Butina

Maria Butina is the Russian agent of influence who infiltrated the NRA. Not officially a spy, but informally, a spy. She is the one who first asked Trump about sanctions in July 2015 only weeks after he announced his candidacy–Trump called on her FIRST at the press conference. In Dec 2015, Butina arranged a free trip to Russia for Senior NRA members. The trip was paid for by the Russian fake-group “Right to Bear Arms”. We know from court transcripts available that at that time Butina emailed a message that said let the NRA members celebrate, we’ll put pressure on them later. Russia then funneled $30 million of Russian money through the NRA for Trump ads. It is unclear at this time if the NRA was complicit, or a willing idiot. Most believe they were just a willing idiot. On Dec 11, 2018, Butina plead guilty to conspiracy, acted as a Russian Agent to build influence campaign inside U.S.–collude with Americans. She is also the first Russian national to agree to cooperate with Mueller.

Paul Erickson

Erickson is a Republican political operative and lawyer. He is also Russian spy Maria Butina’s boyfriend. As of Dec 2018, he became a target of the Trump-Russian Election Conspiracy. He received an FBI target letter. In May 2016 Erickson sent an email titled “Kremlin Connection” to the Trump campaign trying to set up a meeting with Alex Torshin. Later Donald Trump, Jr. met with Alex Torshin.


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