Paul Manafort Crime Timeline

Paul Manafort crimes and bad acts timeline. Convicted felon Manafort was Trump’s campaign manager during the most crucial 5 months of his campaign.
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Paul Manafort Timeline

Trump’s campaign manager during the most crucial 5 months of his campaign is now a convicted felon. He met with Mueller for more than 60 hours in Oct 2018 alone, but later was revealed to have lied and coordinated with Trump’s lawyers–an unethical legal move. During the campaign, many feel Manafort was functionally working for Putin while Trump’s campaign manager. Manafort was in the June 2016 meeting at Trump Tower with a group of Russians to collect dirt on HRC. We know from court records that Manafort met with and communicated with Konstantin Kilimnik, a Russian spy.

Including crimes, bad acts, and related events.

May 26

Questionable Act: Manafort Coordinates and/or Asks for Something with Trump

On May 26, Manafort Coordinates and/or Asks for Something with Trump. Not illegal unless more info comes out. We know from the Manafort Sentencing document, that he was in contact with Trump administration officials well into 2018 likely telling them what he knew and was saying. He did this many times. Mueller gives a specific example in which Manafort authorizes someone to speak to the administration on his behalf on May 26, 2018. Why? Did Manafort coordinate? Or, ask for something? Did he ask for a pardon?

Verified: In court documents.

Feb 01

Crime: Manafort Witness Tampering

From Feb through Apr 2018, Manafort and Kilimnik conspire about witness tampering regarding spy and/or espionage acts! Specifically telling two other witness’ to tell the same lie they told about spying on America, in America.

Verified: We know from the Manafort Sentencing document.

Aug 19

Manafort Resigns

On Aug 19, Manafort Resigns after serving during the most critical 5 months of the Trump campaign. Bowing to increasing Russian rumors, Manafort finally resigns. Anyone watching knew from the beginning that Manafort was an odd choice for campaign chair because of all his Russian and Ukraine ties, and his obvious dirty behavior over the years.

Aug 02

Aug 2, 2016 Manafort & Gates Meet Kilmnik at 666

On Aug 2, 2016 Manafort, the campaign chair for Trump, left Trump Tower in the heat of a Presidential election to meet with a known Russian political operative, Konstantin Kilimnik. Kilimnik flew in from Russia just for this meeting. Trump’s campaign deputy Rick Gates also attended the meeting. They met at 666 Fifth Ave which was owned by Jared Kushner and in deep financial trouble at the time. They met in the Grand Havana Room. Manafort shared polling data just 5 days after Trump says, “Russia if you’re listening…”. Why would Trump’s campaign share campaign data with Russian spies? Another subject discussed at this meeting was a proposed resolution to the conflict over Ukraine. Finally, in an effort to hide the meeting, they left the building at different times and to different exits. This is the meeting Manafort lied to Mueller about.

Also around this time Trump changed the RNC platform to a pro russian platform. Trump complimented Putin several times. During this time, Trump was echoing Putin talking points. See timeline for other events. Remember, the usual number of interactions with Russia for a campaign is ZERO!

Verified: In addition to the MSM reporting the details, we know because of  Feb 4, 2019 court records. The judge also alluded to another interaction at the Havana Room gathering where a handoff by Manafort of internal polling data from Trump’s presidential campaign to his Russian associate. The prosecutor even said, “this goes to the very heart of the Mueller investigation.” This meeting and connections were actually reported by the MSM at the time. Those not looking did not see. The rest of us are not surprised at all.

Jun 09

Crime: Trump Tower Meeting over Russian Sanctions

Jun 9: Donald Trump, Jr, Jared Kushner, and Paul Manafort met with the following Russians: Natalia Veselnitskaya, Rinat Akhmetshin, Ike Kaveladze, and Anatoli Samochornov. Rob Goldstone was also there and he acted as the middle man. The meeting was about lifting sanctions on Russia in exchange for campaign interference. The Trump team and the Russians have told many lies about this meeting. Natalia denied she worked for the Russian government for many months but eventually admitted it.

Verified: Not in dispute. The question is did they collude or only try to collude? If so, is either an impeachable offense? Did Trump know? We know the meeting took place and the Trump campaign at least tried to collude. They were offered dirt on HRC in exchange for relaxing Russian sanctions. We know Russian spies were there. We know Don Jr called a blocked number after the meeting. We know Trump’s phone uses a blocked number. Mueller knows who Don Jr called.

Apr 15

Crime: Manafort Colluded and Conspired with Russia!

Paul Manafort, Trump’s campaign chair, flew out of the country and met with Russian spies to collude and conspire. He coordinated internal RNC polling with Russian spies in order for them to help Trump in exchange for relaxing sanctions. Manafort chose to lie about these two acts. Polling data is kept very secret so this overt act is very telling. It’s a given that American campaigns do not share polling data with the Kremlin! Manafort also spoke about peace talks with the Kremlin including concessions to Russia in exchange for a pay off.

The timing of this was AFTER he became campaign chair. Trump’s campaign manager secretly flew to Madrid, Spain and met with Russian spies to give them secret internal campaign data to use to help Trump win in exchange for relaxing Russian sanctions in the future.

The Trump campaign willingly colluded and conspired with Russia in exchange for relaxing policies against Russia. The start of that obligation to Russian occurred during the Republican Convention when Trump changed the RNC platform.

We now likely know that the reason Manafort is not truly cooperating with Mueller. Manafort is too close to Trump, and he’s afraid of the Russian thugs. Mueller has already taken all his assets, but Manafort is likely afraid Russian thugs will kill him and his family.

Verified: WE KNOW THIS FROM MANAFORT’S LAWYERS! Not from Mueller. Manafort’s lawyer’s accidentally included the confession in a court document this day. They submitted a court document they meant to redact. They then deleted it, and resubmitted it with redactions. But, reporters were able to capture the first document before it was deleted.

This act was further verified on February 7, 2019 when the court transcript for a hearing earlier in the week was released. In this court transcript, we learn that Rick Gates, Paul Manafort’s partner, turned on Paul Manafort and testified to this information.

Apr 11

Crime: Trump Campaign Chair Manafort Conspires with Russian Spies

Paul Manafort offered Russian spy Konstantin Kilimnik “private briefings” through numerous email exchanges.

Manafort wrote, “I assume you have shown our friends my media coverage, right?”

Kilimnik, “Absolutely. Every article.”

Manafort asks, “How do we use to get whole? Has OVD operation seen?”

OVD refers to Oleg Vladimirovich Deripaska who is a Russian oligarch and one of Russia’s richest men.

Verified: In court documents.

Apr 01

Crime: Russian Spy Pressured Manafort During Election to Cooperate with Putin

Apr-Aug: A Russian spy put pressure on Manafort during the 2016 election on behalf of the Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska.

Unverified: Reported. Not really in dispute, but we still need to confirm because there’s a chance Russia is messing with this story. On Dec 29, 2018 Victor Boyarkin told Time, “He owed us a lot of money, and he was offering ways to pay it back.”

Mar 28
Jun 30

Trump Commits Felony Bank Fraud

Hands on the Money

Trump knowingly committed felony bank fraud to the amount of $1/4 BILLION! In an attempt to get a loan, he gave Deutsche Bank a financial statement where he valued a $15 million property at $291 million. This is the exact same crime both Manafort and Cohen are going to prison for later this year.

Note: This is just one of the many known bank fraud crimes Trump committed.

Verified: Cohen provided the proof in the form of financial statement to Congress on 2/27/2019. The only question now, is will a prosecutor that has jurisdiction indict Trump prior to 2022.

Jan 01

Manafort works for Deripaska who is the Richest Man in Russia

2007-2013: Sometime in 2007, Manafort starts working for Deripaska who is the Richest Man in Russia. In 2007, Manafort and his partners established a private equity fund that would acquire Ukrainian firms and merge them into larger national entities. Manafort and his partners collected over $7 million in fees for managing this fund from firms controlled by Deripaska, according to a 2014 petition filed in the Cayman Islands, filed by Deripaska’s lawyers. In 2008, Deripaska transferred $18.9 million to the fund so  that it could purchase Black Sea Cable. From 2013 Deripaska court documents, Manafort apparently stole the money rather than buy the company.

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