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CRIME: President Trump Ignoring Whistleblower Protections

CRIME: President Trump Ignoring Whistleblower Protections

Post Date: 11/04/2019 07:11 pm

Yet again Trump and Trump allies are trying to uncover the whistleblower’s identity which is illegal. The President and his allies are once again breaking the law! Especially because it is very obvious they want to uncover the whistleblower so they can attack him or her with an unjustified smear campaign which, again, is definitely a wrong thing to do. The President and each elected representative took an oath to uphold the Constitution and the laws of America.

The whistleblower’s legal team released a statement that included the following:

“Our client is legally entitled to anonymity. Disclosure of the name of any person who may be suspected to be the whistleblower places that individual and their family in great physical danger.” –whistleblower legal team.

Some Republicans understand the whistleblower law is an important aspect of a free people:

“The reason why you have a whistleblower statute is so that they can come forward and not be retaliated against,” –Rep. Mark Meadows, 31 Oct 2019, Republican, N.C.

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