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Heraclitus (circa 535-475 BCE)

Heraclitus (circa 535-475 BCE)

From Year 0 (BCE/CE): -535 BCE
Post Date: 04/09/2024
102 Generations Ago

30 Phil, Chapter 7: Heraclitus and Your Worldview
Impermanence, Worldview, and Identity

Pictured: Bust of an unknown philosopher. Some believe this might be Heraclitus. This bust is in the Capitoline Museum in Rome, but the museum makes no such identity assumption.

As Eastern luminaries contemplated the rhythm and flow of nature, their counterparts in the West were embarking on an equally significant intellectual path. The pre-Socratic philosophers, guided by a new rational perspective, challenged the stronghold of mythology, and propelled human thought onto a trajectory marked by reason.

Little is known for sure about Heraclitus. Born around 535 BCE, storied indicated he lived about 60 years. Heraclitus hailed from noble lineage, destined for a prominent position, perhaps even a kingship. With conviction in his heart, choosing philosophy, he rejected sovereignty in favor of his brother.

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