Crime: Manafort Colluded and Conspired with Russia!

Post Date: 04/15/2016

Paul Manafort, Trump’s campaign chair, flew out of the country and met with Russian spies to collude and conspire. He coordinated internal RNC polling with Russian spies in order for them to help Trump in exchange for relaxing sanctions. Manafort chose to lie about these two acts. Polling data is kept very secret so this overt act is very telling. It’s a given that American campaigns do not share polling data with the Kremlin! Manafort also spoke about peace talks with the Kremlin including concessions to Russia in exchange for a pay off.

The timing of this was AFTER he became campaign chair. Trump’s campaign manager secretly flew to Madrid, Spain and met with Russian spies to give them secret internal campaign data to use to help Trump win in exchange for relaxing Russian sanctions in the future.

The Trump campaign willingly colluded and conspired with Russia in exchange for relaxing policies against Russia. The start of that obligation to Russian occurred during the Republican Convention when Trump changed the RNC platform.

We now likely know that the reason Manafort is not truly cooperating with Mueller. Manafort is too close to Trump, and he’s afraid of the Russian thugs. Mueller has already taken all his assets, but Manafort is likely afraid Russian thugs will kill him and his family.

Verified: WE KNOW THIS FROM MANAFORT’S LAWYERS! Not from Mueller. Manafort’s lawyer’s accidentally included the confession in a court document this day. They submitted a court document they meant to redact. They then deleted it, and resubmitted it with redactions. But, reporters were able to capture the first document before it was deleted.

This act was further verified on February 7, 2019 when the court transcript for a hearing earlier in the week was released. In this court transcript, we learn that Rick Gates, Paul Manafort’s partner, turned on Paul Manafort and testified to this information.

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