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Keratin Genes & the Rise of Scales in Fish

Keratin Genes & the Rise of Scales in Fish

From Year 0 (BCE/CE): -425000000
Post Date: 04/22/2024

These early scales provided a vital protective layer, acting like underwater armor against predators, abrasions, and environmental threats. The keratin genes that led to scales are an interesting part of our story. When amphibians evolved onto land, scales near the tips of their evolving toes transformed into thicker protection and traction, eventually giving rise to claws, nails, and hooves. Meanwhile, cold temperatures and sun exposure led to the development of warming and protective traits like feathers, fur, and hair. Specialized “scales” evolved into horns in various species, such as triceratops and rhinos, despite their unrelated lineage. Additionally, keratin genes influenced the formation of beaks in birds. All these diverse traits originated from the same keratin genes.

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