By Natural Philosopher Mike Prestwood

What You Need to Know about the Trump-Russia Conspiracy Characters

By Mike Prestwood

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[Editor’s note: This is an updating post. Published Jul 10, 2018. Last updated Dec 12, 2018.]

A few notable Trump-Russia Election Conspiracy Characters. You are only granted immunity if you are guilty of committing crimes and can turn on a bigger fish. None of this ever happened to Obama, nor HRC. Why? Cause they are good people.

MANY long-time core Republicans are telling the truth about Trump and what’s going on including Bush’s communication director Nicole Wallace, Bill Krystol, Michael Steele, and MANY others. Even at Fox News, their anchors Shep Smith, Bret Baier, Brit Hume, and Chris Wallace are telling the truth and are unable to cover for Trump.


Members of the Trump team who had contacts with Russians during the campaign or transition include:

  • Michael Cohen,
  • Roger Stone,
  • Donald Trump Jr.,
  • Jeff Sessions,
  • Paul Manafort,
  • J.D. Gordon,
  • Jared Kushner,
  • Carter Page,
  • Michael Flynn,
  • Erik Prince,
  • George Papadopoulos,
  • Anthony Scaramucci,
  • Rick Gates.

A number of other campaign officials were reportedly aware of contacts with Russia-linked operatives, including:

  • Corey Lewandowski,
  • K.T. McFarland,
  • Tom Bossert,
  • Hope Hicks,
  • Reince Priebus,
  • Sam Clovis,
  • Stephen Bannon,
  • Stephen Miller,
  • Sean Spicer,
  • John Mashburn,
  • Ivanka Trump,
  • David Bossie,
  • Brad Parscale.

Items in red are related to the Trump-Russia Election conspiracy. In blue is evidence of potentially impeachable acts unrelated to the Trump-Russia conspiracy.

Barr, William

William Pelham Barr wrote a 20 page memo to the DOJ arguing that Article II of the Constitution gives the president the power to appoint and fire certain people. Therefore, the president cannot obstruct justice by firing Comey. Most think that is not a good argument, but either way, the argument is limited to investigating Trump for the possible crime of obstruction of justice when he fired Comey. Barr goes on to state that a President can be investigated for the crime of obstruction. For example, in the 5th paragraph of the memo Barr writes, “Obviously, the President and any other official can commit obstruction…” In his memo, Barr assumes much that he cannot know at this time. For example, he starts paragraph 9 with “As I understand the theory, Mueller proposes…” The fact that he assumes he understands something unknown gives credence to the idea that he wrote this letter as an audition for Trump. No one yet knows Mueller’s theories because Mueller has yet to release any theories about the President.

Berkowitz, Avi

Berkowitz is a White House official and Jared Kushner’s personal assistant and protege. He met with Kislyak during the Trump transition, but not much is known about that meeting.

Butina, Maria

Maria Butina is the Russian agent of influence who infiltrated the NRA. Not officially a spy, but informally, a spy. She is the one who first asked Trump about sanctions in July 2015 only weeks after he announced his candidacy–Trump called on her FIRST at the press conference. In Dec 2015, Butina arranged a free trip to Russia for Senior NRA members. The trip was paid for by the Russian fake-group “Right to Bear Arms”. We know from court transcripts available that at that time Butina emailed a message that said let the NRA members celebrate, we’ll put pressure on them later. Russia then funneled $30 million of Russian money through the NRA for Trump ads. It is unclear at this time if the NRA was complicit, or a willing idiot. Most believe they were just a willing idiot. On Dec 11, 2018, Butina plead guilty to conspiracy, acted as a Russian agent to build influence campaign inside U.S.–collude with Americans. She is also the first Russian national to agree to cooperate with Mueller.

Caputo, Michael

Michael Caputo was a Trump campaign aide. Caputo arranged the Greenberg-Stone meeting. In May 2016 Stone was offered dirt on HRC for $2 million. He met a Russian man who called himself Henry Greenberg. Stones defense is that he did not take the offer seriously and did nothing about it. That’s a good defense, let’s see what Mueller has. Did Caputo give evidence against Stone?

Cohen, Michael

Trump’s longtime personal lawyer and fixer. Both Trump and Cohen referred to him as Trump’s fixer. Starting in Sep 2018, Cohen started cooperating with Mueller, and partially cooperating only with SDNY. For his crimes Cohen was sentenced to 3 years in prison, and either $50k or $1 million fine — both figures were reported. Cohen was convicted on 9 federal crimes including 2 with Trump. And, Trump directed the 2 crimes he is named in. The president is an unindicted co-conspirator. Crimes included tax evasion, false statements to congress,  etc. Think about that! The president’s personal lawyer is going to prison for 3 years for doing work for Trump!  In 2018, Cohen advocated for voting Democrat to stop Trump, and is now a Democrat.

Open Questions:

  1. Will Cohen fully cooperate with SDNY and admit additional crimes? We already know there are additional crimes.
  2. Do any of those additional crimes involve Trump? After all, Cohen was Trump’s “fixer” for more than a decade, and Trump and Cohen referred to him as his “fixer”.
  3. Cohen fully cooperated with Mueller, what did he tell Mueller?
  4. Did Cohen travel to Germany, then Russia for Trump as the Steele dossier says?

Erickson, Paul

Paul Erickson is a Republican political operative and lawyer. He is also Russian spy Maria Butina’s boyfriend. As of Dec 2018, he became a target of the Trump-Russian Election Conspiracy. He received an FBI target letter. In May 2016 Erickson sent an email titled “Kremlin Connection” to the Trump campaign trying to set up a meeting with Alex Torshin. Later Donald Trump, Jr. met with Alex Torshin. Mueller has wiretaps sent by Spanish authorities. We do not yet know what was on those wire taps. The NRA was setup as a channel for some Trump campaign officials to communicate secretly with Russia.

Flynn, Michael

See Flynn Timeline. Mike Flynn is a war hero and a 4 star general. He knows right from wrong. He made some bad mistakes. Really bad. Flynn is a life-long Democrat. I wish this wasn’t true. He and his son are conspiracy nuts. For example, his son with support from dad actively promoted the Hillary Pedophile Pizzeria conspiracy.

Flynn was Trump’s NSA for a short 23 days. Mike Flynn, who chanted “Lock Her Up”, and was Trump’s NSA (closest high-level adviser) is now a FEDERALLY CONVICTED FELON! He pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI and IS COOPERATING with Mueller. Meaning, he knows and has already told Mueller of MORE GUILTY folks UP the chain. Meaning, Trump’s son-in-law Kushner, Donald Trump, Jr., and President Donald Trump. My hope is that all the fake news on the right will soon stop.

Prior to that he worked on the Trump campaign and lead a “lock her up” chant at the Republican convention. Karma is a bitch! Flynn poked fun at Hillary, leading the chant “Lock Her Up”. Many have reacted strongly to this because HRC is a good person, committed no crimes, fought for us all her life, and never was a foreign spy. Flynn lied to the FBI in the West Wing of the White House, and he was a foreign spy working for Turkey. Flynn is now awaiting sentencing for lying to the FBI.

Flynn willingly and fully cooperated with Mueller and is involved in two investigations. One of them he is an unindicted co-conspirator looking at no time while his partners are looking at 15 years.


Judge Sullivan criticized Flynn for treason, and essentially called him a spy in the white house. Refused to move forward with a light sentence. Flynn is now to cooperate more fully and stop lying about the FBI.

This judge is usually hard on government abuses, and over reach so this was unexpected. The judge put Flynn under oath at sentencing on Dec 19, 2018 and interrogated him. Basically, are you or are you not fully 100% guilty of being a Turkish spy, and committed federal crimes while in the White House!!

In all fairness, I think this judge is pissed that Flynn is trying to both plead guilty and say the FBI did something wrong. It’s also clear that this judge is pushing back against Mueller basically saying, this guy is a traitor to our country, and he did some of that while NSA IN THE WHITE HOUSE. Then, Trump fired the people trying to enforce law and order in the FBI.

For Judge Sullivan, and many others, Flynn’s biggest public sin is that Flynn lied to FBI officials on White House premises in the West Wing. For Judge Sullivan and many others, that is completely unforgivable.

Regarding the unindicted charge, Flynn launched an illegal kidnapping of an American resident for money. He and his partners were to get millions of dollars from the Turkish government once he was delivered. His partners are facing 15 years in prison for the crime. Flynn pursued this while working for the Trump campaign and held that position AFTER Jan 20, 2018 while NSA. That has offended many. Flynn dishonored the American flag and was LITERALLY a foreign spy being paid lots of money by Turkey to carry out spy missions, and by Russia for speaking engagements.

After Flynn was appointed NSA and while he was one of Trump’s National Policy Advisers, but before Jan 20th, Flynn took money from a foreign country. Flynn was a Turkish spy AFTER he was appointed NSA.


Nov 9…30 2016: Flynn and Jared Kushner Meet Secretly with Sergey Kislyak
In this time frame right after the election, Flynn met privately with Russia’s top spy master in the U.S. and ambassador. Then Flynn lied about it publicly and to the authorities. It is believed this meeting is one of the reasons Judge Sullivan was reluctant to give Flynn a light sentence. We know this from Flynn’s court documents.

Dec 22, 29 2016: During the transition, Flynn spoke to Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak about sanctions that President Barack Obama had just placed on Russia, and about a planned United Nations Security Council vote condemning Israeli settlements. He lied to the FBI about what his talks with Kislyak entailed.

See Flynn Timeline. On Dec 29, Flynn asks Russia to limit it’s response to Obama’s sanctions diminishing the effect of an act of the current President. On Dec 22, Flynn asks Russia to delay a pending UN Security Council resolution. Flynn knowingly broke the law. Specifically the never used Logan Act forbids incoming administrations from undermining the current administration. Something General Flynn would know. Later, on Jan 24, 2018, Flynn lies to the FBI about this communication–an indicator of a guilty mindset. He later pleads guilty to lying to the FBI. In the guilty plea, Flynn admits he was directed by multiple senior members of the Trump transition team huddled at Mar-a-Lago.

Jan 24 2017: Flynn Lies to the FBI about Russian Sanctions
CRIME: Lying to the FBI (U.S. Code, title 18, section 1001). On Dec 17, 2018, Judge Sullivan orders the FBI 302 of Flynn Interview released.

Open Questions:

  1. Did Trump direct Flynn to lie to the FBI? Did Trump know he lied to the FBI? If either is true, that could be an impeachable crime. Nixon was impeached for a similar crime.
  2. Who is involved in the two unknown investigations Flynn cooperated with Mueller on. Mueller was to investigate Russia, Trump and anything he came across. This could be related to Trump?

Gates, Rick

Rick Gates, the lieutenant to Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort flipped after he pleaded guilty to “conspiracy against the United States.” Trump’s deputy campaign manager Rick Gates who later worked in the White House under Kellyanne Conway pleaded guilty to conspiracy against the USA, and is turning states evidence against both Manafort and Trump. He is now serving time, and turning states evidence against Trump. He met with Mueller for more than 60 hours in Oct 2018 alone, but later was revealed to have lied and coordinated with Trump’s lawyers–an unethical legal move. During the campaign, many feel Manafort was functionally working for Putin while Trump’s campaign manager. Manafort was in the June 2016 meeting at Trump Tower with a group of Russians to collect dirt on HRC. We know from court records that Manafort met with and communicated with Konstantin Kilimnik, a Russian spy.

Giuliani, Rudy

One of Trump’s lawyers. Giuliani has lied many times in interviews and on TV at the direction and coordination of the President. On May 2, 2018, Giuliani admits Trump committed a Federal crime on Fox News. Specifically, a Campaign Violation Payment for which AMI and Cohen later name Trump as directing the act. Cohen even pleads guilty to Federal campaign crimes.

Gordon, JD

JD Gordon was a Trump campaign national security aide. Under Bush, he was the Pentagon spokesman. He met with Kislyak several times including during the Republican National Convention. Gordon also communicated with convicted Russian spy Maria Butina. For example, Butina reached out to Gordon as Gordon worked on the transition team. It is unknown to the public if he broke any laws or conspired with Russia. He is a suspect because Gordon socialized with convicted Russian spy Maria Butina. For example, he invited her to his birthday party and a Styx concert.

Kilimnik, Konstantin

A Russian-Ukrainian political consultant, Russian spy and a longtime associate of Manafort.

Kushner, Jared

A Whitehouse Advisor to Trump and Trump’s son-in-law. Trump got around nepotism laws by not paying Kushner. Kushner had a lot of trouble getting a security clearance because he kept lying on the applications. If he was not related to Trump, most believe he would never have received a clearance. Kushner attended the Trump Tower meeting, and during the transition,he met Kislyak and Russian state banker Sergey Gorkov.

Manafort, Paul

Trump’s campaign manager during the most crucial 5 months of his campaign is now serving time, and turning states evidence against Trump. He met with Mueller for more than 60 hours in Oct 2018 alone, but later was revealed to have lied and coordinated with Trump’s lawyers–an unethical legal move. During the campaign, many feel Manafort was functionally working for Putin while Trump’s campaign manager. Manafort was in the June 2016 meeting at Trump Tower with a group of Russians to collect dirt on HRC. We know from court records that Manafort met with and communicated with Konstantin Kilimnik, a Russian spy.

Page, Carter

In 2013, Carter Page was swept up in a spy ring where CONVICTED RUSSIAN SPIES named him as a willing idiot asset. Meaning, they were using Carter Page to spy on us. So, well, no wonder our government is keeping a close eye on him. Four separate FEDERAL judges approved each FISA warrant, and renewal using all presented legal documents. This renewal was NOT based on the Steale document alone. Read the last paragraph of the Nunes memo, it mentions Papadoupalous testimony was also used to renew this FISA warrant. Papadoupalous is the CONVICTED FEDERAL criminal who is now turning states evidence against Trump and the Russian-spy case.

Right before the 2016 election, the #ReleaseTheMemo campaign was largely pushed BY THE RUSSIANS through bots. This memo is about the latest #CarterPage FISA renewal. He has had at least 3 FISA warrants (likely more).

Page briefly met Kislyak during the Republican convention. In Jul and Dec 2016 he traveled to Russia and met with an executive from the Kremlin-run oil company Rosneft and Russian lawmakers.

Papadopoulos, George

See Papadopoulos Timeline. A former Trump campaign foreign policy adviser pleaded guilty to making false statements to the FBI ABOUT CONTACTS WITH RUSSIA! Papadopoulos met with Kremlin-connected professor Joseph Mifsud and a Russian woman who falsely claimed to be Putin’s niece, as well as Russian foreign policy analyst Ivan Timofeev.

1. We know that George Papadopoulos was arrested in July the day after the FBI raided Manafort’s home, worked with Mueller, and plead guilty a few weeks ago to a lesser charge. Papadopoulos was a Trump foreign advisor who Trump called an “excellent guy”. He is now a CONVICTED FELON for lying to the FBI. Period. What did he lie about? Colluding with the Russians DURING THE 2016 CAMPAIGN, and conspiracy against America DURING THE 2016 CAMPAIGN. If you try to spin that any other way, you are UN-AMERICAN in my opinion.

2. Papadopoulos was convicted of crimes in Jan/Feb 2017…THIS YEAR! It appears he turned and started wearing a wire or something in July, and plead gulity to a lesser charge of lying to the FBI just three weeks ago, and Mueller is recommending 0 to 6 months prison time. Meaning, he helped Mueller gather evidence and is one of the early lucky ones.

3. Papadopoulos was clearly communicating with higher ups. How high? Time will tell, but it’s likely all the way to Trump–very likely in my opinion. We know for sure it included Manafort because that’s in today’s indictment. Today’s indictment also alludes to other higher ups approving his work.

4. We now know that Trump knew about the Russian hack into Hillary’s email at least 2 months prior to the rest of us in April 2016. It’s in the indictment.

5. Paul Manafort and Richard Gates were indicted today, charged, pleaded not-guilty, and are now under house arrest. Manafort was charged with not registering as a foreign agent “a spy for Russia”. He was also charged with conspiring against America which is “treason”. He is also charged with money laundering $75 million for the Russians before 2015. That’s what Faux News is focusing on.

Patten, W. Samuel

W. Samuel Patten is the Manafort-linked lobbyist who admitted to illegally using a straw donor to buy 4 Trump inaugural tickets for Russian operatives for $50,000 that went to Trump’s Presidential Inauguration Committee which has little to no regulations on it making the money available to Trump in any way he wishes. Patten pleaded guilty in court on August 31, 2018 to being a FOREIGN SPY and agreed to cooperate with Robert Mueller.



Pecker, David (AMI)

David Pecker has immunity with the Mueller investigation. CEO of American Media Inc. (AMI) which publishes the National Enquirer. AMI and National Enquirer have a business practice of collecting and holding salacious stories either to hide them or to save them for another day. During the campaign, Trump said the National Enquirer should have won a Pulitzer. This absurd statement is part of the evidence of the Campaign Fraud Conspiracy. In Dec 2016, AMI admitted paying hush money to help Trump ahead of 2018 election. VP at AMI Dylan Howard is also important to this story. Both Pecker and David Howard were offered immunity by Mueller . Pecker and Howard were asked by prosecutors to discuss “hush” agreements with women Trump had affairs with.

National Enquirer gave Trump the equivalent of $3 million in ads.

Open questions:

  1. Will we learn if Trump had more affairs?
  2. Did Trump have a love-child as reported by his doorman? If so, does AMI know and will we find out?
  3. Does AMI know anything about the Trump-Russia Election conspiracy.
  4. Is the $3 million in ads that the National Enquirer gave Trump legal?

Prince, Erik

Erik Prince is a Trump associate and brother to Secretary of Education Betsy Devos. He was the President of the infamous Black Water group. Prince met with Russian state banker Kirill Dmitriev in the Seychelles. What? Really? Weird? Prince told Congress that they discussed business during the controversial January 2017 trip.

Sater, Felix

A Trump business associate who worked with Trump on real estate deals. Sater worked with Cohen on the Trump Tower Moscow project, and was in direct contact with Russians.

Sessions, Jeff

Jeff Sessions had two meetings with Kislyak during the campaign, but likely just as his role as a Senator. The problem is he initially lied about the meetings. The first was at the Republican convention. The second was in his Senate office in September 2016.

Stone, Roger

Roger Stone was a Trump campaign adviser. On Aug 14, 2016 Stone begins communicating with Guccifer 2.0. Stone exchanged private Twitter messages with Russian intelligence operatives posing as the hacker Guccifer 2.0. Stones defense is that he did not know Guccifer 2.0 was a Russian operative. Earlier, in May 2016 Stone was offered dirt on HRC for $2 million. He met a Russian man who called himself Henry Greenberg. Greenberg offered dirt on Hillary Clinton for $2 million. Stones defense is that he did not take the offer seriously and did nothing about it. That’s a good defense, let’s see what Mueller has.

Greenberg was also in contact with Trump campaign aide Michael Caputo. Caputo arranged the Greenberg-Stone meeting.

Torshin, Alexander

Alexander Torshin is a prominent member of Putin’s political party. A Russian banker close to the NRA. Maria Butina’s handler. Torshin resigned from the Russian Bank one day after Maria Butina reached a plea deal with Mueller. During the 2016 campaign, Donald Trump, Jr. met with Alex Torshin. Mueller has wiretaps of Torshin sent by Spanish authorities. We do not yet know what was on those wire taps. Federal prosecutors asserted in court documents in 2018 that Torshin was the handler of alleged Russian spy Maria Butina.



Trump Sr, Donald

Current President of the U.S. Trump robbed the American people of a fair election. Trump is a criminal and conman. For example, he says he’s worth $10 billion. When pressed for details, he  pivots, dodges, and calls names. When you finally get under the hood  you see things like he says his name is worth $3 billion of the $10 billion. As of Dec 2016, he has been caught in over 6,000 lies.

Trump Jr, Donald

During the 2016 campaign, Donald Trump, Jr. briefly met with Alex Torshin during an NRA convention. Donald Trump, Jr. attended the June 2016 Trump Tower meeting.  The meeting was partially arranged by Russian pop star Emin Agalarov, Around that time, Trump Jr. had at least three phone calls with Emin Agalarov.

Trump, Ivanka

Trump’s daughter and a White House Adviser to Trump. Trump got around nepotism laws by not paying Ivanka. She was in contact with the wife of the Russian who offered “synergy” to Cohen. Her spokesman confirmed that she received an email and passed it along to Cohen.

Van der Zwaan, Alex

London lawyer Alex van der Zwaan pleaded guilty to making false statements to the FBI about his contacts with Rick Gates and another unnamed person based in Ukraine.

Weisselberg, Allen

Allen Weisselberg is Trump’s long time CFO/Accountant, and money man for decades and is cooperating with Mueller. Weisselberg was Fred Trump’s CFO too. Weisselberg, and Trump conspired on illegal campaign fraud. Cohen mentions conspiring with Weisselberg on the secret audio recording when Trump directs payoffs. Trump directed or knew Weisselberg illegally payed Stormy $130k right before the election. Both AMI and Cohen admitted the payoff was for the election. That’s a Federal campaign violation. Gary Hart’s political career was ended for a fake sexual encounter Republicans staged. John Edward’s political career ended, and he went to trial for a hush payment to a mistress more than a year before a presidential election. On June 3, 2011, Edwards was indicted by a North Carolina grand jury on six felony charges. Edwards faced a maximum sentence of thirty years in prison and a  $1.5 million fine. He was found not guilty on one count and a mistrial on the remaining five.

Weisselberg was on the Trump Foundation Board of Directors and did not know it. The court is trying to order the directors to repay $2.8 million.

Open Question:

  1. Will Weisselberg confirm the $130k conspiracy already confirmed by both Cohen and AMI?
  2. We know Trump has committed many crimes, will Weisselberg cooperate and tell all the crimes committed by Trump?

Whitaker, Matthew

Matthew Whitaker was appointed by Trump as acting AG after Trump fired Sessions. Likely unconstitutionally. Likely to obstruct justice. The ethic advisers told him to recuse himself. He refused. That is unheard of! Originally, Whitaker was appointed by Don McGahn. There’s reporting that McGahn has given Mueller about 30 hours of testimony and that McGahn feels an obligation to the U.S., not Trump. There’s reporting that Trump mistakenly thought McGahn was “his” lawyer.

Why? Did Trump and his team look for protection? Mueller likely knows if Whitaker was put there explicitly to obstruct justice. McGahn is the one who put Whitaker in the DOJ as Session’s Cheif of Staff. And, McGahn is fully cooperating with Mueller. Reporting indicates abuot 30 hours of interviews.

Matthew Whitaker

TRUMP: I didn’t know who Matt Whitaker was.

MEANING: Oops! You caught me. I really messed up, and will never admit it.

TRUMP SUPPORTERS: Trump didn’t know Matt. Matt is the best candidate for the job, and Trump can put into the AG position anyone he wants–the constitution doesn’t matter.

SANE PEOPLE: All evidence says you know Matt. You mentioned him in interviews, “I know Matt Whitaker.”

The only thing that matters about the Matt Whitaker appointment is that Trump fired Sessions and replaced him with Matthew Whitaker. Someone Trump put in that position in Sep 2017 just one month after he wrote an OPED for CNN titled “Mueller’s investigation of Trump is going too far.” Two steps in Trump’s slow-motion Saturday Night Massacre.

Matthew Whitaker Not Qualified

In the lead up to becoming acting AG, Whitaker was given nearly $1 million by conservative groups. Although we still don’t know, it looks like he may have been paid off to protect Trump. The appearance alone should disqualify him from becoming acting AG.

He believes Federal judges need to have a biblical view of justice.

Called Judicial branch the “inferior branch of government.” Criticized Supreme Courts power to decide if stuff is constitutional. Cited “1803 Marbury v Madison” as one of the worst decisions.

He has already prejudged the entire Russia probe. That’s not acceptable.

The FBI is literally investigating him right now for fraud.

He has only tried a few minor cases like a dispute between a dry cleaner and the landlord. How do we know? As a DOJ employee he had to indicate his top cases and they were all like this.

Trump Knew Whitaker


Posting this to counter Trump’s lies.

Today Kellyanne Conway admitted Trump has been knowingly lying the last few days when he said he did not know Matthew Whitaker. This is a BIG DEAL. MORE PROOF Trump lies to his dedicated supporters. WHY CAN’T TRUMP SUPPORTERS SEE THESE LIES!!!!! IS THIS GERMANY 1938?

Now, why did he lie? Because he wants to undermine our legal system and kill the official investigations into him, his family, his team, and Russia. How? By putting “his guy” in charge of the American legal system just like a dictator does.

In America, we have checks and balances. Our constitution says the Senate MUST approve anyone that runs part of the Government and works directly with the President. We are all law-n-order people. PLEASE, this is a basic law-n-order issue. This is not right, this is not partisan. This is dangerous!

By Mike Prestwood
Natural Philosopher

Mike’s throwback title simply means he writes about philosophy, science and history with a focus on exploring boundaries and intersections. While his focus is on our rational ideas about empirical observations, he does enjoy dabbling in the irrational. His exploration of the empirical led him to develop his Idea of Ideas which allows him to understand what is empirical, rational, and irrational as well as to easily understand what is empirically true, rational true, and irrationally false.

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