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Did Tesla fall in love with a pigeon?

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The genius Nikola Tesla found solace feeding pigeons in the park.

Did Tesla fall in love with a pigeon?

No, Nikola Tesla did not fall in love with a pigeon. That myth implies something more crazy than the truth, something that approaches beastiality.  

Here is a short version of his story:

Nikola Tesla, born in Croatia in 1856, was a pioneering inventor who rivaled Thomas Edison in New York. He wasn’t your average inventor. This maverick dreamer believed electricity wasn’t just for fancy light bulbs, it was a cosmic gift waiting to be tapped into, freely available everywhere! While battling giants like Edison, he revolutionized power transmission with AC current and pioneered wireless communication. Though his dream of free electricity for all remains elusive, his legacy as a visionary inventor continues to spark our imaginations.

Despite his groundbreaking innovations, Tesla faced financial woes, rivalries, and mental health challenges. As his professional decline led to isolation, he became a recluse, struggling with anxiety, depression, and obsessive behaviors.

Seeking solace, Tesla found comfort in feeding pigeons in the park. One white pigeon, in particular, befriended him, and he saw a kindred spirit. He believed the pigeon understood him, and their bond brought him peace and comfort in his darkest moments.

As Tesla’s mental decline continued, he spent time in and out of care facilities, struggling with paranoia, anxiety, and depression. In his final years, he died alone in his hotel room in 1943, surrounded by his beloved pigeons.

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