James Williams Bio (1562-1620); Father of Roger Williams of Providence

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Biography: James Williams was born to Agnes Audley and Mark Williams. He was the father of Roger Williams of Providence, Rhode Island.

Birth: 1562

1617: Close Family Friend Margery Pate Will

The will of Margery Pate mentions the complete family unit of James Williams and Alice Pemberton. This confirmation of their family unit further establishes relationships and locations. The fact that she left 20 shillings to each member of the family strongly indicates Margery Pate was a close family friend.

Source: Genealogical Gleanings in England, pub. 1901

1620: Death

James passed away on September 7, 1620, in London, London, England, at the age of 58.

1620: Will

1628: Death of Daughter Catherine

His daughter Catherine died in 8 years later in 1628.

1634: Death of Wife

His wife Alice lived another 14 years after his passing.

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