By Natural Philosopher Mike Prestwood

Katherine Williams Bio (1598-1634); Sister of Roger Williams of Providence

By Mike Prestwood

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Biography: Katherine Williams was born to Alice Pemberton and James Williams. She was the sister of Roger Williams of Providence, Rhode Island.

1598: Birth

1620: Death of Father

His father James passed away on September 7, 1620, in London, London, England, at the age of 58.

1628: Death of 1st Husband Ralph Wightman

The will and probate for her first husband Ralph Wightman proves the relationship to Roger Williams and gives good evidence of many facts:

  • Katherine Williams is the sister of Roger Williams.
  • Ralph is burried next to his first wife Judith.
  • Ralph knew Roger Williams’ mom, Roger Williams, and Robert Williams as will as Sydrach
  • etc.

Before 1634: Marries John Davies

…and has two more kids.

1634: Death of Mom

Her mother Alice outlived her by six years and passed away on August 1, 1634, in London, London, England, at the age of 70.

After 1634: Death

I’m still researching, but so far death dates in genealogy records range from 1627 to “after 1634” with 1628 as the most common, but I think 1628 is wrong. The 1627 record for a Catherine Williams is likely not her, but I’m still researching.

Note 1: Her husband Ralph Wightman died in December 1628 with probate occurring in February 1629. She definately outlived him because she married her second husband John Davies prior to 1634.

Note 2: Her mom Alice Pemberton passed in 1634. Her will says that Katherine is “now married to John Davies”. My conclusion is that after 1634 is the most current estimate of her death.

By Mike Prestwood
Natural Philosopher

Mike’s throwback title simply means he writes about philosophy, science and history with a focus on exploring boundaries and intersections. While his focus is on our rational ideas about empirical observations, he does enjoy dabbling in the irrational. His exploration of the empirical led him to develop his Idea of Ideas which allows him to understand what is empirical, rational, and irrational as well as to easily understand what is empirically true, rational true, and irrationally false.

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