Michael Cohen, Trump’s “Fixer”

There’s a big difference between Michael Cohen and John Dean. John Dean was an otherwise decent man and good lawyer. Meaning, although John Dean went along with Nixon’s conspiracy’s for a time, he ultimately told the truth, on his own, with only pressure from his conscience. Cohen, on the other hand, ONLY cooperated AFTER pleading guilty.

SDNY Cohen sentencing Document.

In this Southern District of New York document we learned that Cohen plead guilty to Federal crimes in coordination with and at the direction of Trump. If Trump had lost the election, Trump would have been charged along with Cohen for these Federal crimes, but because he’s president, he is not being charged. See page 12 of criminal indictment document. The charging document said Cohen did not cooperate with the SDNY as much as he should have. As an attorney, he is held to a higher standard. The charging document said he acted with a criminal mindset.

TRUMP COMMITTED FEDERAL CRIMES!!! Wow, on this day Trump said the big news “cleared him”, but, like usual, it’s the opposite. Federal prosecutors concluded that the sitting President of the United States committed Federal crimes.

Think about this. The President of the U.S. conspired with Cohen to trick voters in the 2016 election. Would he have won if his voters knew he did this? As Americans, do we want fair elections? Blagojevich is in prison for 12 years for far less!!!!!

In this document, we learned…

  • He gave Mueller good corroborated information despite having no cooperation agreement.
  • He committed tax evasion.
  • He lied to a financial institution.
  • At the direction of Trump, he broke Federal campaign financing laws to defraud the American voter.
  • He lied to congress. Trump knew, and did not come forward. (Nixon was impeached for the same offense.)
  • We learned that Cohen worked directly for Trump from 2007 to Jan 2017 after Cohen proved himself. Trump was being evicted from a  building. Cohen got the entire board of directors removed fixing the problem from Trump. This is when Cohen went from making $75/year to $500k/year from Trump. From Jan 2017 through ???, Cohen no longer worked directly for Trump but ran his own firm and was a “personal lawyer” of Trump.
  • We learned that Cohen, not Trump, started selling access to Trump in Jan 2017. He made millions, but provided little.
  • From page 37, we learn that Cohen believed he would get a pardon if he stuck with Trump making him above the law.

A quote from page 23 of the SDNY sentencing document…

“Cohen’s commission of two campaign finance crimes on the eve of the 2016 election for President of the United States struck a blow to one of the core goals of the federal campaign finance laws: transparency. While many Americans who desired a particular outcome to the election knocked on doors, toiled at phone banks, or found any number of other legal ways to make their voices heard, Cohen sought to influence the election from the shadows. He did so by orchestrating secret and illegal payments to silence two women who otherwise would have made public their alleged extramarital affairs with [Trump]. In the process, Cohen deceived the voting public by hiding alleged facts that he believed would have had a substantial effect on the election.

It is this type of harm that Congress sought to prevent when it imposed limits on individual contributions to candidates.”

Cohen fancied himself a fixer like the fictional character Ray Donovan on Showtime. From page 32 regarding late 2015…

“…Cohen threatened a journalist for investigating a negative story about [Trump], telling him:

‘I will make sure that you and I meet one day while we’re in the courthouse. And I will take you for every penny ou still don’t have. And Iwill come after your [employer] and everybody else that you possibly know….So I’m warning you, tread very fucking lightly, because what I’m going to do to you is going to be fucking disgusting. You understand me?'”

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