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1787 U.S. Constitution, page 2, article II
American Politics

Essential Facts of Presidential Pardons

10th Amendment
American Politics

10th Amendment: Big Government is Bad Myth

2020 ElectionPOTUS

Trump, #UkraineGate Essential Timeline

Constitution and Gavel

Jonathan Turley’s Congressional Testimony in favor of Trump

American Politics

Nonpartisan: What do the Federalist papers say about impeachment?

Court Room
American Politics

Does Trump have a right to face the whistleblower?

2019 10 09 Rudy Giuliani lunch, Ukraine arrests
2020 ElectionPOTUSVoting

Two Ukraine Spies Arrested After Lunching with Rudy Giuliani

Constitution, Gavel and handcuffs

Timeline of Liberty Documents

The Magna Carta

The Magna Carta Influence on America

USA flag background.
American PoliticsColonial America

Socialism is NOT Communism

Vintage pirate compass on ancient map
Colonial AmericaHistoryReligionRoger WilliamsSCOTUS

Parable of the Ship by Roger Williams, 1655

1776 Virginia Declaration of Rights-12th.pdf
DebateGun ControlSCOTUS

Understanding Both Sides of the 2nd Amendment Debate

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