4. Discovery

Trump discovery including court documents, interviews, and reporting.

Ukraine Reveals Payments to Manafort

Ukrainian officials reveal the existence of a handwritten ledger documenting that Manafort received millions of dollars in payments from Yanukovych’s political party. These payments ultimately end up as part of the criminal charges filed against Manafort.

FBI Opens a Counterintelligence Investigation Into Trump Campaign

In Aug, the FBI opened a counterintelligence investigation into the Trump Campaign. Verified: This article also confirms that the FBI opened a counterintelligence investigation into Russia and the Trump campaign before the election and sat on it. What we didn’t know was that The Times knew this BEFORE the election too and chose not to publish. They later apologized, kind of.

Discovery: Giuliani admits Campaign Violation Payment on Fox News

On Fox News, Giuliani admits Trump funneled campaign violation payment through Cohen. Giuliani, “It’s not campaign money. No campaign finance violation.” Hannity, “They funneled the payment through [Cohen’s] law firm.” Giuliani, “Funneled it through the law firm and the president repaid it.”

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