Aphasia Types

Aphasia is a communication disorder that affects a person’s ability to process and/or use language. It is a neurological condition caused by damage to the portions of the brain responsible for language, and it does not affect intelligence. Aphasia can impact ability to understand, speak, read, and/or write words. The sub-types categorize one’s abilities. In most …

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Butina to Cooperate; Handler Torshin Retires

[Updated Dec 11, 2018] Russian Agent of influence Maria Butina plead guilty Dec 12, 2018 to espionage tomorrow, and will fully cooperate! Maria Butina’s GRU (KGB) handler is Alex Torshin. On election night, when Trump won the election, Butina emailed Torshin, “I am ready for further instructions.” NRA-LINKED RUSSIA CENTRAL BANKER RETIRES On THURSDAY Dec …

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The Republican Argument Against Global Warming & A Reply

Here is a common interpretation of the Republicans position on climate change as of December 2018. The REPUBLICAN ARGUMENT AGAINST GLOBAL WARMING First off, I’m a Democrat. I think I have the current Republican position correct, but contact me to educate me if I missed something. I’ve heard from several of my Trump supporting friends, …

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Fundraiser for Lisa Jane

My wife is Lisa Jane Unsicker. Lisa Jane’s sister Amy Unsicker created a fundraiser for Amy’s birthday for the United Leukodystrophy Foundation. Amy politely just put that this was because it affects people, but Lisa Jane wants me to share her story. Amy’s sister has Hereditary diffuse leukoencephalopathy with spheroids (HDLS) which is a neurological condition …

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