3. Impeachable Acts

Perhaps impeachable level bad acts.

Crime: Trump Illegally Transfers Money from the Military for his Wall

In Feb 2019, Trump declared an illegal national emergency and ordered that money allocated by Congress for Pentagon military construction projects be used instead for the wall. Our Constitution gives budgetary responsibility to Congress ONLY! The only statistic you need to know to verify this is not an emergency is that immigration arrests are down 80% since 2000.  Update: On Friday, Oct 10, 2019, a Federal judge ruled the President of the United States broke Federal law. In Trumplandia: Who’s going to build the wall? Mexico. Who’s going to pay for the wall? Mexico. In reality: Who’s going to build the wall? We..Read More/Comment

Crime: Trump Asks China to Interfere in our Election (Federal Campaign Laws)

Trump literally called on China to investigate one of his political opponents, Joe Biden. Right on TV. In the open. Again. This act broke less laws than the Ukraine blackmail phone call, but is still illegal. Crime=Federal campaign laws. It is illegal to “solicit, accept, or receive a contribution or donation” from a foreign national. Trump himself released a transcript that indicates he likely broke this law. This law defines a “contribution or donation” as “money” or another “thing of value”. The opposition research on Biden is a “thing of value.” Trump supporters need to decide if they believe their..Read More/Comment

One dollar coin.

Trump tells Pence to Stay at his Hotel, Crime=Constitution, Article II, Section 1, Clause 7

Trump once again lined his pockets with tax dollars breaking the laws of the land. This time the Domestic Emoluments Clause from Article II, Section 1, Clause 7 of the United States Constitution–also known as the Presidential Emoluments Clause. He told Pence: “…you should stay at my place,” –Trump Now, Pence said he would pay for his part of the stay at the hotel, but is NOT paying for all the other support staff, nor the extra money needed for the extra travel needed. [See CNN article.] If any politician at any level of government committed this one act of..Read More/Comment

Bad Act: Trump Refuses to Impose Russian Sanctions, Again!

For two months now, Trump is literally refusing to implement penalties against Russia “AGAIN”. Trump is LITERALLY ignoring the bipartisan sanctions imposed on Russia TWO MONTHS ago!   This is on top of the Deripaska $300 million gift earlier this week, and the previous refusals to implement sanctions, etc. The list is long!

Crime: Trump Refuses to Implement Sanctions against Russia

Today is another example of Trump literally refusing to implement the law “AGAIN”. Trump LITERALLY ignored the Monday deadline to impose sanctions the Russian defense and intelligence sectors for their role in the election. This is on top of the Deripaska $300 million gift earlier this week, and the previous refusals to implement sanctions, etc. The list is long! https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-russia-sanctions/trump-administration-holds-off-on-new-russia-sanctions-despite-law-idUSKBN1FI2V7

Crime: Trump, Cohen and Pecker Meet to Conspire

In August 2015, Donald Trump, Michael Cohen, and David Pecker launch a CRIMINAL conspiracy to defraud the American voter. They agree to buy and hold any negative stories that come out about Trump. Open Question: Did the 3 also conspire to run negative Hillary ads? If so, this would be illegal because of the in-kind requirement for media outlets. Verified: In court documents.

Crime: Trump-Cohen Conspire with Russia to Throw 2016 Election

Trump conspired with Russia as early as Nov 2015 to Throw the 2016 Election for Trump in Exchange for Trump Tower Moscow. A Russian national who claimed ties to the Kremlin told Michael Cohen, Trump’s personal attorney, in November 2015 that Trump can rely on the Russian government for both Trump’s business and political prospects. They discussed synergy which is another word for collusion and conspiracy. Verified: In court documents. Plus, on Dec 1, 2018, the Kremlin confirmed Cohen contacted the Kremlin twice to discuss the Trump Tower Moscow project during this time period.

Crime: Trump Tower Meeting over Russian Sanctions

Jun 9: Donald Trump, Jr, Jared Kushner, and Paul Manafort met with the following Russians: Natalia Veselnitskaya, Rinat Akhmetshin, Ike Kaveladze, and Anatoli Samochornov. Rob Goldstone was also there and he acted as the middle man. The meeting was about lifting sanctions on Russia in exchange for campaign interference. The Trump team and the Russians have told many lies about this meeting. Natalia denied she worked for the Russian government for many months but eventually admitted it. Verified: Not in dispute. The question is did they collude or only try to collude? If so, is either an impeachable offense? Did Trump know?..Read More/Comment

Crime: Trump-Russia Server Connection

Sometime in August. Russian Alfa Bank communicated 2,500 times with Trump server mail1.trump-email.com which was not sending anything–that’s unusual. Those that discovered this wanted it public so they gave the info to reporter Eric Lichtblau of the Times in Aug 2016. A Times lawyer contacted the FBI who asked The Times to delay publishing. On Sep 21, 2016 Eric contacted Russian Alfa Bank for comments, and two days later the Trump campaign took down the server. No one from The Times notified the Trump Org. The assumption is Russia did, and that’s very interesting. Unverified: We are awaiting confirmation. Interesting article by the New..Read More/Comment

Crime: Cohen Travels to Prague to Conspire with Russian Hackers on Election

Sometime in August, Cohen traveled to Prague in 2016 to meet with Russian legislator and hackers regarding 2016 election interference by the Kremlin. Unverified: Very much still in dispute. The Steele Dossier asserted Cohen traveled to Prague in 2016 to meet with Russian legislator and hackers regarding 2016 election interference by the Kremlin. Cohen denied publicly that he traveled to Prague in 2016, but Mueller likely knows the truth and we will know when the Mueller report comes out. Later in Dec 2018, we learned publicly that a mobile phone traced to Cohen sent signals off cell towers in Prague around this..Read More/Comment

Crime: Trump-Cohen-AMI Payoff Conspiracy

Sometime in Sep 2016, AMI Payoff Conspiracy with Trump  and Cohen executed. AMI in a conspiracy with Trump and Cohen committed a Federal crime to hide an affair from voters. This crime was done with cooperation with and at the direction of Trump. The payment came from ACME Corp. Verified: Both Cohen and AMI admitted they understood Trump’s money was coming their way through ACME. Both Cohen and AMI admitted in court that the payoff was in cooperation with and at the direction of Trump, and that the payoff was to hide the affairs from the election–a Federal crime. Finally, Cohen publically released an audio..Read More/Comment

Crime: Trump Pays Stormy $130k to Hide From Voters-Voter Fraud

On Oct 28, 2016, Cohen for Trump paid Stormy $130k to keep quiet and hide from voters through an executed NDA. The goal was to hide the sexual relationship of Trump and Stormy from voters for $130,000 breaking federal laws. Verified: Not in dispute. Cohen plead guilty and is facing 3 years in prison. Trump is named as his unindicted co-conspirator.

Crime: Trump Fires Comey

On May 9, Trump fired Comey. This is likely a crime: Obstruction of Justice. Mueller is sorting this out now. President Trump fires FBI Director James Comey while Comey was in Los Angeles addressing an FBI field office. Comey saw the announcement on TV and, at first, thought it was a joke. Comey returned from his trip on a government plane. Verified: This act is not in dispute. Whether this act rises to a prosecutable crime is. Later, Trump admits on national TV that he did this because of the Russia investigation. He also tells the Russian spy master, “the pressure..Read More/Comment

Crime: Cohen Publishes Public Letter of Lies to Coordinate Testimony for Trump

On Sep 19,  Cohen Publishes Public Letter of Lies to Coordinate Testimony for Trump. Lying to Congress is a crime (U.S. Code, title 18, section 1001). On Sep 19, Cohen publishes a letter to the public full of lies. He then testifies in-person 4 weeks later on Oct 25, 2017. Trump, Jr. and several others repeat the same lies to Congress. Verified: We know this because Cohen confessed those lies later in Dec 2018. We know Trump, Jr. and others told the same lies because several Senators have said publicly that all their accounts were the same, but now we know Cohen lied.

Crime: Cohen Lies to Congress for Trump about Russia

On Oct 25, Cohen Lies to Congress for Trump about Russia. CRIME: Lying to Congress (U.S. Code, title 18, section 1001). Cohen testifies to Congress and repeats the lies in the letter he released publicly 4 weeks earlier. Trump, Jr. and several others repeat the same lies to Congress. Verified: We know Cohen lied because he confessed later in Dec 2018. We know Trump, Jr. and others told the same lies because several Senators have said publicly that all their accounts were the same, but now we know Cohen lied.  We know this because of the Nov 9, 2018 nine-page filing where prosecutors laid out..Read More/Comment

Crime: Trump Threatened Cohen’s Father

It is illegal to intimidate witnesses against you. It is particularly bad for the President to way in on any court case, but especially his own. The President of the United States threatened a witness in a case against him. We know through Michael Cohen’s lawyer that Michael is now worried about his father-in-law and re-evaluating the situation. Kevin Corke, @FoxNews “Don’t forget, Michael Cohen has already been convicted of perjury and fraud, and as recently as this week, the Wall Street Journal has suggested that he may have stolen tens of thousands of dollars….” Lying to reduce his jail..Read More/Comment

Crime: Manafort Colluded and Conspired with Russia!

Paul Manafort, Trump’s campaign chair, flew out of the country and met with Russian spies to collude and conspire. He coordinated internal RNC polling with Russian spies in order for them to help Trump in exchange for relaxing sanctions. Manafort chose to lie about these two acts. Polling data is kept very secret so this overt act is very telling. It’s a given that American campaigns do not share polling data with the Kremlin! Manafort also spoke about peace talks with the Kremlin including concessions to Russia in exchange for a pay off. The timing of this was AFTER he became..Read More/Comment

Crime: Trump Paid for Fake Polls

In 2014 and 2015 Trump paid $50,000 for fake polls. In 2014 he was trying to establish himself as a top 100 business leader. In 2015 he was trying to establish himself as a campaign frontrunner. When he was on top, he started most interviews with “did you see my polls?” Verified 1/17/2019: WSJ first reported this news. This info is reportedly backed up by 2 Trump org emails. And, confirmed by Michael Cohen! Cohen is only contesting that it was done with cash. Cohen says it was a check. As for the @WSJ article on poll rigging, what I..Read More/Comment

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