Why do Democrats oppose Trump’s Tariffs?

Tariffs are taxes. Like all taxes, we should debate them when proposed and prior to implementation. For each tariff proposed, look for a good argument and counter-argument. Step away from partisan politics and weigh the validity and value of the arguments.
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Tariffs are an interesting cross-over issue. Normally, Republicans oppose ALL TARIFFS as taxes on Americans. They even have the Republican Grover Norquist Pledge.
Democrats have always been for “reasonable tariffs” implemented in a skilled and negotiated way so as to protect the American worker. Democrats oppose Trump’s tariffs because very few to no experts agree with his approach. When tariffs are proposed, there is usually a divide among the experts with the Republican party opposing it as a tax on Americans and Democrats trying to justify why the tariff is needed. In Trump’s case, very few to no experts think Trump knows what he is doing. As a generally conservative-type person, true meaning, not the party, I tend to roll with the experts.
Why Grover and Republicans stay silent during this reckless time demonstrates their hypocrisy and is ANOTHER REASON I’M A PROUD DEMOCRAT!
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